Monday, December 8, 2014

Santa Claus Downtown

All smiles before we left and he actually saw the big man. 

I love bath house row!
They did too and they liked rocking on the big porches. 
The tree made out of plastic mountain valley water bottles. 
David Franklin's class made ornaments that were displayed at the Ozark Bath house museum of contemporary art. His class was 1 of only 2 classes to be displayed. He was very proud to find his ornament! 
Then we went to the Arlington Hotel for Nora's book club. The whole family was invited and it was fun to guess how many pieces of candy were on the giant gingerbread house. 
Then a very special surprise visitor came and read the christmas story. He was amazing! 
DF had a zillion questions to ask. Nora loved feeling his soft fur. 
Isaac was not a fan of all! Classic first time with Santa pic! 
Nora on the other hand, loved him! 

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