Wednesday, December 31, 2014

School Christmas celebrations

Nora was an "angel" at St. Lukes Christmas Chapel. She was pretty shy up there and ran off the stage to momma at the end but it is a great event I look forward to every year.

DF had a snowman and santa party in Ms. Roberson's class and it was great fun too. He's having a wonderful year in there and learning so much!

More Christmas celebrations

He's 10 months old! And we love this sweet boy! 
Christmas pjs from Mammers. Nora is thrilled with hers and thinks she's in a recital costume. :)
Happy boy running Christmas errands with his mommy. 
We got out the recorded books from Grands Ellen and Mommy Boo and have enjoyed hearing their voices this Christmas. What treasures they are! Df wants to get a book and record himself. I going that's a great idea since he's just learning to read this year! 
Camel ride with Jack on the Fayetteville square. We went to Fayetteville this weekend for Christmas with the Johnsons and had a nice visit. Leslie took the pictures and is emailing them to me so I'll update on that trip later. 

We love the Lights of the Ozarks at the Fayetteville square!
Nora opted for a pony ride. His name was peanut. 
We went to Painted Pig in Little Rock and the kids made ornaments and a platter with their footprints. I can't wait to get that and use it each year! 
Isaac liked getting his foot painted. 
But he is still not a fan of Santa. Even When it's Uncle (LB) Santa! 
We went to Little Rock and visited the Vaughts. Cousin pic! He's still screaming even on Hallie's lap. Maybe next year he will warm up to Santa.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Santa Claus Downtown

All smiles before we left and he actually saw the big man. 

I love bath house row!
They did too and they liked rocking on the big porches. 
The tree made out of plastic mountain valley water bottles. 
David Franklin's class made ornaments that were displayed at the Ozark Bath house museum of contemporary art. His class was 1 of only 2 classes to be displayed. He was very proud to find his ornament! 
Then we went to the Arlington Hotel for Nora's book club. The whole family was invited and it was fun to guess how many pieces of candy were on the giant gingerbread house. 
Then a very special surprise visitor came and read the christmas story. He was amazing! 
DF had a zillion questions to ask. Nora loved feeling his soft fur. 
Isaac was not a fan of all! Classic first time with Santa pic! 
Nora on the other hand, loved him! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Season in full swing!

December blew in big this year! The first week of December and we've had multiple holiday parties and event all week long!
We went to the Country Club after school on Tuesday for some fun gingerbread man decorating with friends.

DF made an elaborate "ninjabread" man!

The Elf on the Shelf (named Ice Cream) also flew back from the North Pole and brought a letter directly from Santa saying they were on the official nice list and left them a list to fill out to mail back to him. This was thrilling for them!
Nora had her first dance performance at the mall. She was very first.
Then she was very sad/overwhelmed.
She has a sweet big brother who tried to calm her down pre show.
It helped, but she did not participate until the last song. She stood like this for 3 out of 4 songs. She was not in the mood. The first time to do things is always a bit scary for her.  She was the cutest one there though!

This boy was happy to see his meme!
We waited in line to see Santa, and mailed their lists to the North Pole.

Both grannies got in the picture with St. Nick, and the photographer had the wrong lense setting and both grannies got cut out- talk about a bummer!
Ice Cream the Elf is extra funny this year and likes to play tricks- he's taking a bath in marshmallows! The kids enjoy him so much they asked for him to have his own stocking!