Saturday, November 29, 2014

️Tooth fairy Coming tonight!

Other than a dimple or a cute little chin, what's more adorable than a toothless grin?

When he was 3 years old davod Franklin innocently ran into the door frame in our bedroom at our house. We didn't think anything of it but the color started darkening a bit. We got it X-rayed at the dentist and the root was broken. They wanted it to stay in as long as possible and we're hoping for a year...  It stayed that way for 3 years!  The other day Nora and DF were jumping on the trampoline and her head hit his tooth and made it very loose. After a two weeks of twisting and small tugs, today it was ready and Franklin barely had to pull it out. DF is pumped and said now he "looks like a first grader!"  The tooth fairy is coming for a landing tonight! 

Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving was wonderful. Or maybe "super wonderful" like Meme said!  
The food was great- we are still eating on it today...even for breakfast!  They company was great too and the feel was warm, cozy and very laid back. We had lots of laughter as well has times of remembrance and reflection. We all enjoyed relaxing at the lake and Mammers has commented many times on how lovely the day was. 

One new thing we did this year was take DF and Nora downtown to participate in serving a warm meal to the less fortunate. We all had so much fun and I felt such joy watching the kids hand people iced tea and dessert. Franklin was also in his element and loved visiting with everyone. It was so heart warming and an honor to get to do with my family. 

At the Transportation Depot. Littlest volunteers. 
This handsome fella enjoyed his first bites of turkey and pumpkin pie! 

The kids brought their bikes and had races. 
DF has gotten really comfortable with his bike and loves to ride.

Meme and Grandpa gave him a little push in his car. 

Nora made a turkey handprint at school. 
DF asked for the entire turkey leg! 
Mammers loved her "job" of rocking a sleepy baby to sleep. 

Nora napped in the recliner that was her daddy's. 
Grandpa read The Hardy Boys; The Missing Chums to DF and Isaac. 
He's happy in his garden. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Spa Squirt Race

David Franklin and Nora ran in the Spa Squirt race which was after the Spa City (Hot Springs) 10k.  They each ran in their own age groups. They ran down the road a short ways and then they turned around for the finish line. 

David Franklin knew what to do, and he ran without stopping. He said "mom, I passed a few people." 
Their cheering section...Isaac! 

Nora could have used more explanation on our part. Poor thing knew to start running but had no idea where she was running to, or why the crowd was yelling. It was a bit overwhelming for her but her daddy was there with her the whole time. They were so proud of their medals and their races. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast

Why did the pilgrim not want to make the bread? ......It's a crummy job. 

Today was the Thanksgiving Feast at St. Lukes. It was super cute and the food was better than ever. Our Pilgram girl was adorable and loved the spotlight and performing with her friends! We really missed David Franklin being there this year though. 
Franklin loves it when I make him pause for a picture in the rain. ;)
What a precious Pilgram we have!!! 
She was happy to show us how cute she was too! 
And this little turkey loved attending his sisters feast and enjoyed bits of the roll and green beans. 

She loves Aubrey Kate! 

Mrs. Bogle hand made the Pilgram outfits by hand and they were even cuter in person! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Phone picture updates

Bath time smooches
Splish splash I was taking a bath
Got the old school play pen out on the deck while franklin was grilling. The big kids wanted in too. 
Nora and Isaac and I joined the Hall girls at a Christmas charity event at the country club while F and DF were at Grorge West. The Princesses were there and that was so exciting!  
DF is learning to write and now adding to HG grocery list apparently... guess he's ready for thanksgiving
Punkin head!
Watching my napping boy on the monitor.
Having fun with Grandpa at the Battle of the Ravine game. Ouachita Tigers won! Isaac represented the Henderson Reddies and wore red, but stayed warm and cozy at 828 wit his Meme.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

He's 9 months old

Big 9 month old! He had a well doctors appointment and his stats are: 23 lbs 96th percentile, 50th in length and he has a big head...that's what the doctor said. Good, he's smart and confident :)

What he's up to;
Crawling, pulling up and cruising everywhere. He's soooo busy and likes to be in the action. I can't let him out of my sight for a second but often times the others need me so he's carried around on my hip a LOT which makes us both happy. 
He wears size 4 or 5 diaper
He has 4 bottles a day and likes warm bottles. 
He eats everything you give him, but he's aggregated with being spoon fed. He likes to do it himself so he's eating peas, bananas, rice, and soft things thf he can eat in his own. He loves it all, but not a fan of yogurt.  Maybe because it's cold? 
He's sleeping well but has been waking up at night some. We all have colds so I think that's to blame. Update: not just a cold, a double ear infection, sore throat and croup.  What a trooper.  He's on the mend now and sleeping from 7pm-7am now.  Which is what all the books say he should do, and yet he is the first child I think that has truly slept a full 12 hours like that.  Hope I didn't just jinx it.
He's loves balls and peek a boo. He likes to be outside and swinging. He's also veeerrrrrry close to saying some words.  His Meme got him repeating Uh oh and he was saying Un-uh  last night (which is repeating what I said to him when he tried to eat the soap.)
We love you little guy!!!

Get me outta this crib!