Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Life updates

It was spirit week for homecoming at lakeside last week and it was fun!
This was crazy hair/ pj day :)
This was crazy sock/sunglasses day. Nora begged to wear crazy socks too, so I thought why not!? Except, I had forgotten it was her school picture day so she will be in her tshirt and crazy socks. Memories 😊
This boy had been sick with some stomach issues but I think he's back on track. I sure do love him!
My partner! He's keeping me on my toes now every second now that he's mobile.
DF is on the left at age 10months and Isaac is on the right at 7 months. Bros.
Franklin's job promotion made the local news. We are so proud of him!!!
DF wanted a new big boy haircut when he turned 6 and although he doesn't look thrilled here (first time with the clippers and he didn't enjoy that). He is very happy with his new look. He looks 2 years older to me! 

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