Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Brag time!

Bragging mom alert....I just cannot contain it.  Here is my first time Honor Roll student! I cannot tell you the pride I feel when I look at this face.  Not because of the glowing report we heard from his teacher at his first parent/teacher conference last week, but because of his loving heart and his sweet unique spirit.  He has entered into Kindergarten with ease and has a genuine joy for learning!  His teacher says everything she gives him, he grabs and wants to learn more and more about it, and asks Why? and How?  a lot.  He is curious and remembers everything.  He has grown up more the past 2 months than he has the past 2 years.  It almost took my breath away when I looked at him the other day and saw how long and lean he's gotten and his new haircut makes him look 14! It breaks my heart a little, I am not going to lie.  But it also, makes it soar. I feel both. 
He has been asked to begin the accelerated reader program, where he gets to pick out a book from the library each day, bring it home and read it with us, and then he has a short comprehension quiz on it upon return the next day.  This means he's reading a new book every night.  It has been fun for him to do and I can tell he's really picking it up quickly.  

David Franklin, your mommy is your #1 fan.  Now and always, no matter what,  and now that you are learning to read.... I hope when you read this for the first time you will already know this because of how often you hear it.  Well I guess it's a tie with your daddy, because you may never know how proud he is of you. We love who you are, exactly uniquely you.  

Here he is coloring pictures and writing sentences...for fun.  An activity he was not interested in before. 

All A's!  100 in Math, 100 in Conduct and 96% in Literacy (which was the highest in the class).  He also got a free kids meal from Jose's which he cannot wait to use!  Tonight, perhaps.

Here is this superhero on superhero day, going into his first Red Ribbon Week (Drug Free and Proud).  He's learning about strangers, drugs and things he's never heard about before.  Although I know it's important to teach kids these things and start those conversations, it makes me a little sad.  I don't want him to know about these dangers just quite yet.  I guess we can't live in a bubble forever, but the innocence of childhood is precious to me, and something try to preserve for as long as I can.  The yucky stuff comes soon enough.  

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