Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Trip to the dentist

This is how she really felt about going to the dentist today- NOT HAPPY. But she quickly warmed up. 

Only would allow this to happen on her daddy's lap. I asked if this was the first time for this and she  said it wasn't.

Nora got to get a toy out of the machine for being so good! 

                                 Ended with happy and healthy smiles with Dr. Nick.

We are thankful that the kids get to go to the dentist at our good friend's office, Dr. Nick Van Bebber. His hygienist is amazingly patient and let's the kids "help" her and she was even squirting her water down their mouths which they loved.  They had cookies before their appointments, that they got from tbt break room. They made themselves right at home! I know, sugar at the dentist?!!

DF and Nora had a great report but it was Nora's first time and she was not excited about bring there. In fact, she had to have her teeth cleaned in her daddy's lap and they told her they were just counting her teeth....she has 20 by the way and no cavities for any the Basses! Whoo hoo!

They all wanted to see what was going on with daddy and DF was assisting with his "polishing."

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