Monday, September 22, 2014

Caught the reading bug

Meme recently gave Franklin a box full of The Hardy Boys books. It is quite a collection that began with Hal and very special to Franklin because of the many fond memories he holds of his mom reading him these books as a kid. 

Franklin decided to try and see if DF was ready for chapter books (he reaaaally likes pictures). But to our surprise, he is very much ready and into it. In fact, he asks to read one more chapter after we finish every chapter. He loves it and asks for someone to read to him several times a day now. Even first thing in the morning.  Franklin enjoys recreating this special time with our first born. It is sweet to watch and I love the history and tradition of it. 

DF has always liked books and being read. As I was reading to him the other night with his head on my shoulder he said I love reading "The Hardy Boys, momma". I asked him why and he said, "it's relaxing to me and I feel like I'm on the trips and on the adventure with them." 
I feel the exact same way when reading... Both relaxed and excited which I've never recognized before. He's a special, articulate boy. 

Yep, he's hooked and I'm thrilled! 

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