Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bella Barky Bass

Christmas 2004- our favorite picture ever of Bella

Tuesday morning, the last morning snuggles with our girl.

Monday snuggles, when we knew it would be this week.

The best beagle that ever was. Isaac had just begun taking quite an interest in his furry friend who also just started taking an interest in him since he started eating baby food.
From the Johnson's farm this summer

DF loved his doggie

The stepping stone we made with her paw prints.  I got her paw prints before she left with Franklin and when the kids came home after school they did the decorating.

We have so many more pictures of our precious dog- 13 years worth.
We got the news last week that Bella had cancerous tumors and one large inoperable one in her bladder. It was first diagnosed as a UTI but we quickly realized she wasn't getting better with the medicines and it was something more serious. After a week of new medicine, and hope that she would be herself again, she stopped eating and began new symptoms.  Franklin, the vet and I made the decision that Bella was in pain and her good days were behind her. It was time to let her go. She went to doggie heaven today while franklin was with her. 

She's been a wonderful pet and companion to us and our children. She brought lots of joy to our lives. She will be dearly missed. 

DF and Nora have had lots of questions and were very broken hearted by the news. DF especially. The vet gave us a book to borrow called doggie heaven. It's been good for us to read and brought some comfort, although Nora said she wished she was in doggie heaven with Bella. 

When we have loved ones in heaven, we become more heavenly minded. 

We've had lots of love and prayers and we appreciate it for our beloved "first furry baby". Bella, you're the best beagle dog. I've never loved an animal liked I've loved you, and probably never will. 

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