Monday, September 22, 2014

Woo Pig Babies

We went to Fayetteville for a very quick visit. We packed it in though, soccer game, a baby shower, seeing Molly and the new Bittle twins, good visit and time with the Johnsons, and going to the Razorback game for a crushing win. Jack went to the game with us while ikey stayed with pops and Lelly to watch it on tv. Jack was fun to watch the game with because he is really into sports and knows a lot about the players and was into it. DF said, Jack knows more about the Razorbacks than we do. And he is right about that! 
This little piggy loved his first trip to Fayetteville, and was a happy guy. 

I took off with this crew (minus August) to meet franklin at the game. He went on to tailgate before.
Nora wanted to find maddy paddy so we tracked her down at the concession stand! They were happy girls to see each other
The sun was right in our faces at first but quickly went down. Hence the fake, squinty smiles.
This guy got tuckered out at one point

And so did this girl, but they were troopers.
Nora said; " I say 'woo pig babies' because I love babies.
David Franklin wanted a shelf to go on the wall by his top bunk bed because he said he needed a night stand, and he was right. He asked his Pops to make him idea he had on his own. He told pops what he wanted and helped him make a shelf from start to finish. He picked out the width and length of the boards he wanted. Helped to sand it, pulled the trigger to help drill thf screws in and even picked out the color...A metallic gold. Maybe he has more Grands Ellen's pizzaz in him than we thought! Not what I would have chosen but it's his shelf and his choice. He's very proud of it and can't wait to put a lamp and Hardy Boys books on his shelf. It was a special experience for DF and Pops to do together and something I think DF will remember. 

Caught the reading bug

Meme recently gave Franklin a box full of The Hardy Boys books. It is quite a collection that began with Hal and very special to Franklin because of the many fond memories he holds of his mom reading him these books as a kid. 

Franklin decided to try and see if DF was ready for chapter books (he reaaaally likes pictures). But to our surprise, he is very much ready and into it. In fact, he asks to read one more chapter after we finish every chapter. He loves it and asks for someone to read to him several times a day now. Even first thing in the morning.  Franklin enjoys recreating this special time with our first born. It is sweet to watch and I love the history and tradition of it. 

DF has always liked books and being read. As I was reading to him the other night with his head on my shoulder he said I love reading "The Hardy Boys, momma". I asked him why and he said, "it's relaxing to me and I feel like I'm on the trips and on the adventure with them." 
I feel the exact same way when reading... Both relaxed and excited which I've never recognized before. He's a special, articulate boy. 

Yep, he's hooked and I'm thrilled! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Trip to the dentist

This is how she really felt about going to the dentist today- NOT HAPPY. But she quickly warmed up. 

Only would allow this to happen on her daddy's lap. I asked if this was the first time for this and she  said it wasn't.

Nora got to get a toy out of the machine for being so good! 

                                 Ended with happy and healthy smiles with Dr. Nick.

We are thankful that the kids get to go to the dentist at our good friend's office, Dr. Nick Van Bebber. His hygienist is amazingly patient and let's the kids "help" her and she was even squirting her water down their mouths which they loved.  They had cookies before their appointments, that they got from tbt break room. They made themselves right at home! I know, sugar at the dentist?!!

DF and Nora had a great report but it was Nora's first time and she was not excited about bring there. In fact, she had to have her teeth cleaned in her daddy's lap and they told her they were just counting her teeth....she has 20 by the way and no cavities for any the Basses! Whoo hoo!

They all wanted to see what was going on with daddy and DF was assisting with his "polishing."

The County Fair

I took Nora and DF to the Garland County Fair on Saturday with Marci and her boys. We had a great time and it wasn't nearly as crowded as it is on a weeknight so we think it was the right time to go! The kids ate junk food, rode dirty/rickety rides and even won 2 new gold fish to add in our tank. Nora named hers, Sprinkles Ligony Bass and David Franklin named his Brownie Leonardo Bass. His is brown in color and Leo is is current favorite ninja turtle.

He wanted to try a turkey leg. (I almost threw up watching him eat it)

Gold fish ring toss
Checking out their new fish!

He almost kissed this goat!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Isaac is 7 months

And daddy took the pictures....I was at soccer practice with DF and Nora and asked him to take the 7 month photos for me. He was not excited about this request...Hahaha! Honestly- I think they turned out better than expected. Thank you, daddy.  
This boy is on the brink of crawling and the sweetest thing. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

12 crock pot meals

Franklin and I tried something new-  a cooking date at home! Dinners can stress me out a bit... A lot. No one seems to eat the same thing and I like to provide healthy home cooked meals. Franklin especially appreciates it. Sometimes I feel like he really got a bad draw on his wife's skills - I am a mediocre cook and I don't really enjoy it at all. I have friends that love to do it and I really wish I did. It feels like a chore to me and is something I feel guilty about. 

So I came across this blog with 12 meals you prepare and put into freezer bags and then cook in the crockpot when ready. I love the crockpot because standing at the stove with Isaac on my hip isn't very easy and neither is timing the meal to fit everyone's busy schedules. That's why the crockpot is the best for me! 

These meals are new flavors and tastes and are all healthy and closely follow the paleo diet which is mostly vegetables and meats. No grains, dairy or sugar. (I am not following that exactly- no cheese?! Yeah right!) 

It only took a major trip to the grocery store and about 3 hours but we have dinners that will be fun to eat and try! If it's a hot I may do it once a month or at least the ones we like. We can't wait to try the honey sesame chicken! 

It was a big project for us, but it was really fun to do together! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Grandparents Day at schools

Friday was Grandparents Day at St. Luke's so Nora and mammers went for muffins and coffee. 

Then Mammers went to have lunch with the kindergartener on Friday. 
Monday was Lakeside's official Grandparents Day and they invited the grandparents for lunch so Meme and Grandpa drove over from Arkadelphia after they taught their morning classes for that. He looks like a happy boy to me! 

We are so fortunate to have loving grandparents in these children's lives!! 


Ikey's got teeth! And drool, and no sleep
So we are trying a new craze that people are raving about- the Baltic Amber teething necklace. 

He's a little hippy baby! If it helps him sleep we are all for it!! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bella Barky Bass

Christmas 2004- our favorite picture ever of Bella

Tuesday morning, the last morning snuggles with our girl.

Monday snuggles, when we knew it would be this week.

The best beagle that ever was. Isaac had just begun taking quite an interest in his furry friend who also just started taking an interest in him since he started eating baby food.
From the Johnson's farm this summer

DF loved his doggie

The stepping stone we made with her paw prints.  I got her paw prints before she left with Franklin and when the kids came home after school they did the decorating.

We have so many more pictures of our precious dog- 13 years worth.
We got the news last week that Bella had cancerous tumors and one large inoperable one in her bladder. It was first diagnosed as a UTI but we quickly realized she wasn't getting better with the medicines and it was something more serious. After a week of new medicine, and hope that she would be herself again, she stopped eating and began new symptoms.  Franklin, the vet and I made the decision that Bella was in pain and her good days were behind her. It was time to let her go. She went to doggie heaven today while franklin was with her. 

She's been a wonderful pet and companion to us and our children. She brought lots of joy to our lives. She will be dearly missed. 

DF and Nora have had lots of questions and were very broken hearted by the news. DF especially. The vet gave us a book to borrow called doggie heaven. It's been good for us to read and brought some comfort, although Nora said she wished she was in doggie heaven with Bella. 

When we have loved ones in heaven, we become more heavenly minded. 

We've had lots of love and prayers and we appreciate it for our beloved "first furry baby". Bella, you're the best beagle dog. I've never loved an animal liked I've loved you, and probably never will.