Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Holding on to summer for dear life.

The last week of summer we soaking it up with fun activities galore. Memory making days for sure! I'm holding on to my big boy before he goes to kindergarten next week and treasuring this time with them all!

Back to school party for the new kindergarteners at HSCC!
Lake day with friends. All of the kids did not actually ride the tube at one time- don't worry! We tied up in a cove and they were swimming and jumping off of it.
Fun at Magic Springs with friends!
DF did this big slide with his "girlfriend" Kate Van Bebber, over and over again. She's on his right. They are really good buddies but say they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Some of the boys have started teasing him about playing with a girl, etc, and it got to him a little bit, but still proudly says she's his girlfriend and loves to play with her. They are just sweet friends. 
Supper picnic with Meme and Grandpa on the lake!
Lemonade stand- a childhood staple. They raised almost $50 after they each paid themselves $2 for their hard work. The rest they are donating to an animal shelter that Adalie visited. She said she wanted to give the money to "poor cats." She's going into second grade and did all of the signs. "The kids lemonade sell". Perfect!

And the fun continues- more swim parties,open houses and we are headed to the Big Top in little rock on Saturday! 

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