Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Black eyed Beauty

Thursday night after open house we went to Razorback pizza with several other families. The kids were over excited and running wild. We were telling Nora not to run and to be careful but she was trying to keep up with the big kids and ran right off of the stage and hit her head on he concrete floor. It was about 3 feet tall. 
It was awful. But no open wound or concussion. A doctor and a few nurses were there and they checked her out. Said they thought she looked fine so we didn't take her in. We watched her closely all night, checking her pupils. The next morning she woke up with a shiner and it's continued to change colors by the hour. It's dark purple now which we told her looks like make up and she loves that. We went to the circus on Saturday and I added purple eye shadow to he other eye and let her wear lip gloss and she felt so glamorous. 

She is one tough cookie, I just wish she would stop trying to prove it!! I wish I could wrap her in bubble wrap from head to toe! 

She is so precious to me and I have been enjoying her so much lately. She happier since getting her tonsils out. I think she felt bad most of the the time :(. Her disposition has changed somewhat and she seems happier overall. I am soooo grateful she is feeling better, now if we could get this eye healed! I pray for her health and protection, ALL the time! 

I put the biggest bow she has on to try to mask it...not sure it worked. :) 

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