Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1/2 a year old!

My baby is 6 months old today. How can that be? He is precious and special and we are all crazy about him. He twinkles his blue eyes at you when he makes eye contact and it's so amazing. He will go happily to anyone but he has his favorites. He is a delight and we love you Baby Bubby!!

We've started trying some new baby foods and big surprise...haha, he likes them! Here he is trying avocado. Now he doesn't get much down and he actually plays with it and gums it around a lot but he likes eating! 

He loves his cereal and night and really eats a big bowl of that!

Big bro feeding him organic sweet potato for the first time and Nora assisting since she was the cook's big helper. 

Since Mammers retired at the college, she said she is now in the grandma business. She is going to keep Isaac while I teach on Tuesday/Thursday. With this new time on her hands, she's decided to make her fresh baby food like she did when we were babies. We are all already benefitting from her new career change!! :) 

We didn't do this with the others, but better late than never. Isn't strange that we're doing it for #3 and I didn't for #1? It seems like you hear the opposite... Everyone does it all for their first baby and is too tired by the last. We like to mix it up around here :))
Precious boy is sitting up for a long time now on his own.
He flashes these huge smiles that just melt you heart. He's the sweetest, baby boy and mostly VERY happy. He likes to be with his people and he really likes to be held the most- uh oh. 

What he's up to:
Still no strict schedule but honestly that's been impossible or we'd be landlocked. Hopefully school routine will help with that. Still breast feeding. Wears a 4 diaper although 5 is probably best. He's trying to scoot on the floor and go. I'm afraid it won't be long. Great eye focus and pounces for an object he wants. Can't put a Paci in his own mouth yet. He's teething and drooling lots but nothing has popped through yet. He's started to try to talk, some time it's very high pitched screeching. Loves his brother and sister and being in the action. 
He was sleeping great but with travel he got messed up and has had ear trouble too. Probably that was also due to travel so we are patiently waiting on that to get figured back out. Some nights more patiently than others :)
Poor Franklin really needs a good night's sleep. He started a new job at Simmons First Bank. He got a promotion and it's a really good Arkansas bank.  He likes the size and the culture, and they are even growing more. He is very excited about his new opportunity! He started last week and is really liking it. We are proud of him!

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