Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting down at the Farm!

We went to the Johnson farm on the 5th and the celebrations continued. We packed in the fun with go cart rides, swimming in the creek and river, fishing, cookout by the creek, shooting off some fireworks, BB gun shooting, bday party for Pops, and lots of playing! It was perfect weather and their place is really beautiful. We all had a great time and visit!
Jack has a really fun go cart! 

And all farms need a tire swing!
These kids loved swimming and fishing in the river.
They learned about shooting the rapids...don't be afraid, the water here was only 1 foot deep. DF is sitting down here and they were gentle rapids. Nora also has on her floaty.
This is how ikey and I rolled

Dirty, sticky boys after a lot of playing! Love the beautiful wild flowers.
Gorgeous sunset behing pops and Lelly and Isaac while the big kids shot fireworks- Nora was out for the night by this point!

They love the sparklers! Of course DF was pretend sword fighting.
Pops has quite the tan compared to ikey

Heading out on the farm

We celebrated pops' birthday with cake and presents. He was enjoying the song!

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