Wednesday, July 23, 2014

West coast FUN!

Where to even begin? We had such an incredible week in LA.  First and foremost we had lots of good, quality, memory-making, family time. We met our adorable baby nephew and saw our precious niece. We were able to have good visits, play with the kids, see lots of sights and enjoy the city all while being with my family.  It was a good mix of adventure and sight seeing and we did age appropriate things that weren't too exhausting or time extensive (we can tend to push it from time to time) :)

We attended a special ceremony in the Jewish tradition; the giving of Hebrew names to their children. It was very intimate, touching celebration and beautifully paid tribute to both the Jewish and Christian heritages Tilly and Teddy posses. I was personally honored to witness it and be a part. Afterwards there was a fun party with the largest piñata ever! All of Lauren's family flew in for the event and many of their friends were there with their kids. 

Isaac's first flight! He did amazingly well on all of them.
These kiddos spent a lot of time in the swimming pool and hot tub (more like warm tub) 

Nora had so much fun at Mullholand Tennis club playground she flipped! (Going down the slide head first)
Jason speaking about the meaning behind each Hebrew name at the naming ceremony. An obvious favorite is one of Venice's Hebrew names, David. Hearing that made David Franklin turn to me with a big prideful smile. 

Nora admiring her new cousin
Cousin picture, this is The Morphew siblings, the Velevis girls and the Basses. Jordan and Hailey are Lauren's nieces and my kids had lots of fun with them!
Even the piñatas are bigger in LA, this is the piñata Elita, their nanny gave them for the party. It was a big HIT- ba doom doom :)
We love the Farmers market and go every time we visit. Franklin walked through it and said I could buy everything here. My kids remember and ask for the white peaches, and I always stock up on lavender soap and essential oils. Everything is fresh and organic and delicious! In California, they have clean eating and living down. They are so much better at using less and taking care of the environment than we are.
DF asked for a bundle of carrots and loved them. They were sweet and crunchy.
Nora loved the swing
So did DF but he's almost out growing it.
He was the only one in our group who climbed this rock wall and repelled down it. He climbed it all the way to the top twice. It's was so great!
He really wanted to swim in the ocean and the waves, that was something he asked about many times so we headed to Santa Monica Pier one afternoon and let him take off in the Pacific Ocean. Nora too, but she didn't hang long beside it was cold and rough!

Gotta have an ice cream cone on a hot day! Especially on vacation.
This is a real iguana a man had on the pier. It took several tries for him to hold it by himself and the man turned his hat sideways. DF drew quite a crowd and it was a pretty funny moment. He looks 10 here!
LA Zoo day! We went first thing in the morning and spent 1/2 a day. We beat the heat and the crowd and saw lots of cool animals. Isaac's first time to the zoo (he slept through most of it)
New sun hats for everyone! Franklin is very proud of his- for real. I actually like it a lot myself. Nora seems to think it's the perfect hat for hiding a nose pick and DF loves his LA dodgers hat like uncle jase.
Getting a closer look at the tigers, one of his favorites.

Ikey feel asleep on the merry go round
Early birthday dinner for mom/grown ups night out! 2 babysitters came at bed time and we struck out on Sunset strip for a swanky dinner. It was a very cool place and mom felt very loved and special, which she is. Bradley Cooper was seated next to us as we were finishing, which was the cherry on top and makes for a fun celebrity sighting.

She's one of the biggest stars in my book!  Fun strolling in Hollywood a bit.
We went to the El Capitan theatre which is a Disney owned theatre that shows the movie but with much more... Like a stage show from Mickey and Minnie. They called kids to come to the front to get on stage and mine went down. Unfortunately only 4 kids total could go and DF was number 5 so he got turned away. We were sad and his sister was very sad but he said he actually wasn't. I don't think he really wanted to go, but getting turned away stinks. I can't believe they turned kids away but he was such a big boy and handled it very well.
Nora frowned and pouted on stage the whole time and never got over it, sweet sister. It was funny and heartbreaking all at the same time. That was over and then they enjoyed the movie and treats, especially DF!
All 5 cousins lined in a row from oldest to youngest. 

Teddy and Ikey- BFFs...(One day)
Of all we did and saw, swimming at night was one of the biggest deals to them! 

We had a pool party everyday, another highlight for all of us! This was a pretty typical scene and one I'll always remember fondly. Thanks for the memories!! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cutie pie is 5 months old!

Seriously- it's flying by!! Almost 1/2 a year?! He's the happiest baby on the block and getting better at the whole sleeping thing!!  We've also started rice cereal, which unsurprisingly loves!!

And a little comparison of first cereal for DF on the right and Isaac on the left. Isaac is a month older here. 

Baseball pictures

David Franklin had his baseball party at Orange Leaf last night and he got his team pictures in! We were at the beach last year so this is his first baseball pictures.

It was such a great year and they improved so much, mostly just by growing and maturing and it had less to do with baseball skills but hose clicked too. We still had plenty of yawns and waves and "Hi Grandmas" from the outfield to remind us we were still in tee ball thankfully :). Cute, cute team and memories!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting down at the Farm!

We went to the Johnson farm on the 5th and the celebrations continued. We packed in the fun with go cart rides, swimming in the creek and river, fishing, cookout by the creek, shooting off some fireworks, BB gun shooting, bday party for Pops, and lots of playing! It was perfect weather and their place is really beautiful. We all had a great time and visit!
Jack has a really fun go cart! 

And all farms need a tire swing!
These kids loved swimming and fishing in the river.
They learned about shooting the rapids...don't be afraid, the water here was only 1 foot deep. DF is sitting down here and they were gentle rapids. Nora also has on her floaty.
This is how ikey and I rolled

Dirty, sticky boys after a lot of playing! Love the beautiful wild flowers.
Gorgeous sunset behing pops and Lelly and Isaac while the big kids shot fireworks- Nora was out for the night by this point!

They love the sparklers! Of course DF was pretend sword fighting.
Pops has quite the tan compared to ikey

Heading out on the farm

We celebrated pops' birthday with cake and presents. He was enjoying the song!