Thursday, June 19, 2014

Patient update day 3

Popcicles with mammers makes it all better 
So does playing cards with meme! 
Aubrey Kate and Mrs. Kim came by to visit and played a round of Old Maid with us that was lots of fun! 
This boy has been very entertained with play dates with friends, a sleepover at Avery's and kinder kamp in the mornings that he was WORN OUT! Never seen him so tired before. This was him on the floor in the living room for 3 hours with lots of activity around him. Out through it all. 

Nora complained of pain in the morning but honestly her mosquito bites seem to be bothering her more than her throat.  She has don't remarkably well with a few small bumps in the road. She doesn't like getting woken up at night for her medication but we aren't sure if she's just tired or hurting. Either way, we are going to do it for 2 more nights like the doctor suggested just to be sure. Everyday, we are one day closer to healing!! :)

Thanks friends and family for all of your support, help, visits, little happy treats you've brought, and love! 

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