Monday, June 16, 2014

Goodbye tonsils!

These pictures are Nora's experience today in reverse. 

Here she is now- having a yogurt pop in our bed. 

Two thumb sucking cuties. DF has been amazingly sweet and attentive to his sister and has hugged her and patted her head. She reached out for a big hug from him right when we got home.
Baby bubbie has been a happy guy at home with his meme!
Nora wanted her daddy to ride in the wheel chair with her out of the hospital.

Us both snuggling her after she got back in the room.
Her daddy carried in a sleepy and groggy girl.

Heart sink moment- wheeling off to the OR.
I got good hugs right before she went back.

Risky business girl. She actually didn't sleep in undies under her Jammie's and when they said take everything off but your underwear she got very tickled....because she didn't have any underwear! Manner brought some to her!

Get outta town tonsils faces
Happy in her gown- she asked if she could take it home and her wish was granted.
Showing her bracelet and watching peppa pig while she waited.
Daddy walking his sleepy girl in. He scooped her out of bed this morning and never left her side. 

The book we've been reading to prepare
Night before, tcby cake. Goodbye tonsils- get outta town! 

We still have some long days ahead but Nora has been a great patient after her "T and A" ( tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy)  We were at the hospital at 6:30, she went back for surgery around 9:00 and we were home before 12:00. It was a quick procedure and once she woke up and drank some juice we were able to come home! They said she did awesome and her tonsils needed to come out... They were enlarged and he said full of puss and that you usually see in teenagers, not little bitty ones! 

We are still praying for her pain to be minimal and for her to get the rest she needs. 

Thank you friends and family for you help, love and prayers. It was a scary thing watching your baby get wheeled back for surgery, even outpatient surgery.  

She wanted her daddy to hold her and her daddy to go back with her. He was her man from start to finish and I think she made an excellent choice (only 1 parent could go back). He is soothing and comforting unlike any other to me too, baby girl, and a great care taker.  I'm very thankful this day is behind us and the worst is behind us, hopefully!!! 

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