Sunday, June 29, 2014

90 years for Mommie Boo

The birthday party crew! 

Nora and Boo have a fondness for each other and I was glad I got this picture of them holding hands. Nora was leading her to the table...she like to take the lead ;)

They love Mommie Boo

It was a black, white and red day for these ladies
We had a little tennis tournament on Saturday- the Browns beat the Basses easily!

Nora had a great tennis coach in Ryan!

Mommie Boo has lived quite a life and leaves a wonderful legacy of love from her children, grand children and great grand children.  Franklin has always had great affection for his grandmother and we are very blessed to have her in our lives. Happy Birthday, Boo! 

She also happens to share a birthday with Jack Johnson who turned 7 on Saturday so it is a special day indeed! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Toy graduation

This guy is growing up on me! These past couple of weeks/days he's turned into a baby and not an infant in many ways! He's in his high chair, bouncing seat and loves to be sitting up in the action.

He's found his toes and loves to hold them, he also likes reaching for toys and is sticking things in his mouth which makes me think teeth may be making an appearance shortly. He's also a rolling machine and rolls from his back to his tummy almost immediately after you lay him down. H hasn't turned from tummy to back yet and gets mad if he's stuck for too long. The swaddle days are coming to an end- or at least with the arms in. Also, notice how he's smiling big in every picture?! That's because he's such a happy little guy and lights up when he sees his family!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Patient update day 3

Popcicles with mammers makes it all better 
So does playing cards with meme! 
Aubrey Kate and Mrs. Kim came by to visit and played a round of Old Maid with us that was lots of fun! 
This boy has been very entertained with play dates with friends, a sleepover at Avery's and kinder kamp in the mornings that he was WORN OUT! Never seen him so tired before. This was him on the floor in the living room for 3 hours with lots of activity around him. Out through it all. 

Nora complained of pain in the morning but honestly her mosquito bites seem to be bothering her more than her throat.  She has don't remarkably well with a few small bumps in the road. She doesn't like getting woken up at night for her medication but we aren't sure if she's just tired or hurting. Either way, we are going to do it for 2 more nights like the doctor suggested just to be sure. Everyday, we are one day closer to healing!! :)

Thanks friends and family for all of your support, help, visits, little happy treats you've brought, and love! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Patient update day 2

Our girl has done remarkably well! Other than a few bumps in the road, she's really bounced right back. Hard to believe she's even had surgery! She's been wanting to run and play, yelling and had her appetite back yesterday. 

She is drinking lots of chocolate milk, popcicles, and ice cream but she really enjoyed watermelon and pasta! 

David franklin has been a super sweet big brother and has been busy with play dates with friends and a 1/2 day camp at lakeside. 
Meme has been here every day, all day and been AMAZING support to us all! 
Baby bubbie has spent the past 2 nights at mammers camp with Westly Albright and had a big time! 

Huddy came to visit and was a highlight in our day for Nora! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Goodbye tonsils!

These pictures are Nora's experience today in reverse. 

Here she is now- having a yogurt pop in our bed. 

Two thumb sucking cuties. DF has been amazingly sweet and attentive to his sister and has hugged her and patted her head. She reached out for a big hug from him right when we got home.
Baby bubbie has been a happy guy at home with his meme!
Nora wanted her daddy to ride in the wheel chair with her out of the hospital.

Us both snuggling her after she got back in the room.
Her daddy carried in a sleepy and groggy girl.

Heart sink moment- wheeling off to the OR.
I got good hugs right before she went back.

Risky business girl. She actually didn't sleep in undies under her Jammie's and when they said take everything off but your underwear she got very tickled....because she didn't have any underwear! Manner brought some to her!

Get outta town tonsils faces
Happy in her gown- she asked if she could take it home and her wish was granted.
Showing her bracelet and watching peppa pig while she waited.
Daddy walking his sleepy girl in. He scooped her out of bed this morning and never left her side. 

The book we've been reading to prepare
Night before, tcby cake. Goodbye tonsils- get outta town! 

We still have some long days ahead but Nora has been a great patient after her "T and A" ( tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy)  We were at the hospital at 6:30, she went back for surgery around 9:00 and we were home before 12:00. It was a quick procedure and once she woke up and drank some juice we were able to come home! They said she did awesome and her tonsils needed to come out... They were enlarged and he said full of puss and that you usually see in teenagers, not little bitty ones! 

We are still praying for her pain to be minimal and for her to get the rest she needs. 

Thank you friends and family for you help, love and prayers. It was a scary thing watching your baby get wheeled back for surgery, even outpatient surgery.  

She wanted her daddy to hold her and her daddy to go back with her. He was her man from start to finish and I think she made an excellent choice (only 1 parent could go back). He is soothing and comforting unlike any other to me too, baby girl, and a great care taker.  I'm very thankful this day is behind us and the worst is behind us, hopefully!!! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fantastic voyage!

What a wonderful vacation we just had! Such a GRAND time at The Grand Hotel with the Basses and Vaughts. Such wonderful family time and memories made! Thank you a million times to Meme and Granpda for the fun adventure! 

Tutu cute!
She loves to twirl!

At the colony pool splash pad! 
Panama Jack!

Bowling fun
Twister in the game room on a rainy morning.

Evening swim! 

Father/son golf 

Feeding the ducks with Meme
Cousin pic!
Early morning family picture day!

Happy baby boy and grandpa before dinner

Croquet at meal times

Sand castle building

Happy baby boy! He was an amazing traveller.
Daddy loves taking over nap time!

Girl time at the spa!

First time to the bay and to go on a trip and leave Arkansas

He turned 4 months while we were there. And slept through the night the first time and rolled over for the first time from his tummy to his back. Big week of firsts for this little guy.

Happy kids at the pool!