Friday, May 16, 2014

What's in a name

Or more specifically a name tag?   As of today, this name tag is vintage.  It's old,  antique, and for all intents and purposes,  useless.  However, this name tag represents so much when I look at it.  Its scratches show how it's been treated when Franklin walks in the door every evening and "plays rough" with the kids.  It's been slobbered on by our babies who grab it  and try to chew on it when he picks/picked them up.  It's been Franklin's identity as a professional for the past 8+ years, and been something he's put on almost everyday that we've been married.

It's not just what he's worn, but it's also been who he's been, and where he's spent the most part of his life the last (almost) decade.  Summit Bank has been a huge part of our lives since we've been a "we."  Franklin's decision to leave Fayetteville and take a job with Summit is what I thought we were celebrating the night we got engaged.  It was why we left NWA, brought us to our first little blue lake house that we lived in the summer we were first married.  It's been the pay check and the insurance that has covered us as we welcomed all 3 of our children to the world.  It's hosted baby showers for us, brought us meals, celebrated birthdays, holidays,  and mostly provided us with new, dear friends and wonderful experiences to all of our lives.

We have peace, and know the future is bright.  Franklin's identity is so much more than any name tag could print, but today is sad for me.  I am nostalgic and grateful for these past 8 years.   Summit Bank,  you have been good to us and will forever hold a special place in our hearts.  You will always be a part of where it first began for The Bass Family Est. 2006.

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