Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Princess is 3!

Well, we "Let it Go" and really celebrated this birthday girl!  THREE years old!  My baby girl!!!!

She's had a birthday week really; a dinner and presents at mammers house on Tuesday night, school cupcake party on Thursday, and Friday morning started with balloons, birthday pancakes, and presents. Then we met Madelyn and Lyndon at the nail salon for her first mani/pedi. It was a hit... literally. She dropped a bottle of hot pink polish within the first 5 minutes and glass and polish flew everywhere. She was scared and a little embarrassed but she recovered quickly and the salon was great about it! 

After nails, we went next door to Osaka for the hibachi grill experience. We met the guys and Wesley and her kids for lunch. DF loved it!!! Nora, was scared at first but then got more used to it... Although, she sat in her daddy's lap the whole time. We came home for naps and then went to Entergy Park for a play date with the McBrides, Choates, Herndons, and Hamners.  

On Saturday we went to the lake for a birthday lunch and swimming with meme and grandpa, boo, and the Vaughts. She got all things Frozen and wore her Elsa costume. She got phone calls, songs, face time chats, video messages, and fun packages and cards in the mail from family out of town!   She had a wonderful third birthday, I'd say and felt pretty special. 

We learn more about you everyday and couldn't possibly love you more. You are kind.  You are inclusive and giving. You want everyone to have whatever you have. You're very smart and inquisitive. You're always up for any adventure! You are hilarious and make us laugh everyday with your spunk! You have a hospitable spirit and like to serve. At your class party you asked to pass out the napkins and plates to all of your friends. You love to help! You adore your brothers, cousins, and friends. We pray so many things for you everyday.  You can achieve anything you desire. You are determined by nature so the sky is the limit. You are a wonderful mix of tom boy and girly girl. You either want to sleep in your brothers superhero underpants or a princess gown. Anything in between is a real bummer for you. You love dolls and dressing up and twirling in your skirts but you also like balls and play guns and the outdoors. You bring everyone around you so much happiness, and strangers smile at the sight of you. People stop me all the time to comment on how stinking CUTE you are. Truly beautiful on the inside and out.  We are blessed to have you as our daughter and in our family. You are my best girl. Always and forever. 

I love you, 

Thrilled with running through surprise balloons on her bday morning!

How old are you?
Wearing her new Anna dress
Such a big girl
These two are the first ones to ever paint her nails so it was fitting they came along!
Baby bubby did great too!

Safe with daddy!
All she asked for was a frozen cake- so this thing (which was bigger and fancier than I imagined) was like a present to her!
In her Elsa dress and jewels
These two boys are the cutest in their hats.

She loves to jump to Grandpa
DF is happy with his new snorkeling gear.

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