Sunday, May 4, 2014

Outside all weekend long!

Franklin went fishing with the guys so the kids and I were on our own this weekend. It's the most perfect weather!!! Sunny, yet not too hot and humid. Feels great and we've spent all ours of the day out in it- except for naps of course!

We've had picnics for breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. And played in the water hose, baby pool, mammers garage, the swing set, climbed trees, gone on a critter hunt, found and painted a turtle, been exploring at the lake, been by farmer Hawthornes, etc..... 

We spent the day at my moms yesterday and she had lots of things to play with in her garage, and made them a fun fort in her yard. Thanks mammers!  Today it's been home but it's been the same way, pulling out old toys that seem new again. 
No talk of tv shows or movies and I love hearing screams and giggles outside. They've played really well together and have been best friends for the most part. Love that! I'm one tired momma, and happy daddy is home but it's been a great weekend of simple pleasures with my kids. 
Proud of her Minnie swimsuit, attempting to pose :)


Washing the deck 

This guy can get to the top of a tree in no time- he's a real spider man!

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