Friday, May 30, 2014

Nora's 2 year old class end

A Nora picture from her folder Mrs. Gaddis took and printed out

Her evaluation = perfect.  This girl is SMART!

Her artwork these days- all of her pictures are scribbled circles.  Masterpieces, each one of them.

Sadly, this is where Nora was on her last day.... the doctor's office. She missed her last day and her last day ice cream party.  She was a sad girl.  Strep throat AGAIN.  It's actually the 3rd time in 3 months so guess what....tonsillectomy is scheduled for June 23rd so she will get lots of ice cream then.  She will get her tonsils and adenoids out and we are hoping she will feel like a new person!  I am anxious about it, but know it is the right thing for her.  Dr. Monte likes them to be at least 3 years old, and 30 lbs.  She will be one month into 3 and weighs 33 lbs. so she is one of the littlest ones for this surgery.  That also makes me nervous.  She is tough and a trooper and I know we can do it.  (Yes, we... I have heard keeping them still and quiet, on soft foods and giving them pain medication every 2 hours even in the night is hard for the whole family).  Totally worth it though for her to get some relief!!

Nora has had a wonderful year, going 2 days a week to St. Luke's.  She really LOVES school and her friends and playing.  She gets excited to go each day (partly is because she gets to ride with her daddy in the morning).  She knows all of her shapes, colors, can count to 20+, has a very expansive vocabulary. She can do puzzles,  knows her Alphabet, and DF was learning my cell phone number last week, and Nora just shocked us and recited it as well...  Area code and all.  She is a sponge and anything her brother is learning, she wants know too.  If he has homework pages at night, we have to find some for Nora to do as well because she wants "homework too!" She has wonderful fine motor skills and seems to be pretty athletic. Mrs. Bogle is actually not going to teach Pre-K next year, and is going to the 3 year old class so Nora will have her next year for a teacher, we are all thrilled!

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