Saturday, May 10, 2014


We had an impromptu play date after school and got out the water hose and popcicles. Nora thinks she's one of the boys.
This guy sat in the Bumbo the first time! (And also has another double ear infection). We aren't off to a good start with these ears.
DF the climber, making an animal trap.
Play date at the park
DF wanted to shave with his daddy
Little sis had to try it too.
Brotherly love!
Nora had a fun book club at Garvan gardens. They planted plants and heard a story from a horticulturist. Nora loves book club so much! She's with boys a lot and this time is good for her. 

We also had 2 baseball games, DF field trip, cookouts with friends, among many other things.  It's go go go around here!! 

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