Friday, May 30, 2014

Last day of Preschool for DFB

The famous red doors of St. Luke's Episcopal Day school.

Biggest smile of Ike caught on camera to date :)  These brothers love each other

David Franklin's growth this year has been amazing. One of the biggest he's years he's had. He has obviously grown physically, but in many other ways I wasn't expecting. Academically he is reading some sight words, can do some addition and subtraction, put together big puzzles, knows some basic Spanish,  and can color in the lines and enjoys it and drawing pictures- he never did this! He can solve small word problems and charts and graphs. He knows some basic computer skills like how to work a mouse and he loves a learning website called 
Physically, he has gotten leaner, taller, and more coordinated. He has shown much more interest and skills in sports like baseball, tennis and the biggest has been golf. 

His teacher Mrs. Bogle seriously cried her eyes out telling him goodbye today and I almost lost it myself. She loves those kids SO much! She said she has a special place in her heart for DF and I believe her. She wants me to tell his kindergarten teacher how sweet and kind hearted he is before the year begins. I said, don't all mothers think their child is especially kind and sweet and she said, yes, but yours really is. She said he's uniquely blessed. She says he's smart and to get him science books- he loves science and animals!  She has been a real blessing to us and has nurtured his little heart and learning. At the beginning of the year he could write his name, but not very well and only "David." He wanted to learn how to write "David Franklin" and she promised him by the end of the year she would help him learn. At Christmas, she sent me a picture of "David Franklin" written in his handwriting. She was so proud him, and I am too!  He has much more confidence and I know next year in Kindergarten will be even more growth and development.  Which I am already emotional about.  Cliche' and all, I know.

Here is a real #flashbackfriday This is David Franklin's first day ever at St. Luke's. He was almost 2 but not quite yet, and they let him come a week or two early anyway...shhhh. It was in 2010. What a BABY he was. 

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