Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Boo visit

We went to visit Boo last week and I always try to get some pictures of them together. I also got some sweet video of her reading a book to Nora. Those are precious times I want my kids to remember. I wish I had more videos of my grandparents and great grandparents. 

DF was at school so it was just the younger two. The kids enjoy going to West Shores because the ladies usually give them treats or candy but also there are birds that live downstairs they love to see. Mommie Boo is always sooooo happy to see us and just giggles in delight at seeing us walk in the door. (Or really the kids bust through it). That makes it fun for me too, because I know how much joy these kids bring her. 
Nora wanted a snack but Boo only had bottled water in her fridge and one ice cream cup, so ice cream it was at 9:30 am! One happy girl about that. 
Mommie Boo LOVES showing the kids off. This is her showing Nora to the ladies behind the desk. 
Boo and Isaac matched in their blue. 
The walker is also a stroller! Win, win! Nora asked for a ride down the hall. 

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