Friday, May 30, 2014

Nora's 2 year old class end

A Nora picture from her folder Mrs. Gaddis took and printed out

Her evaluation = perfect.  This girl is SMART!

Her artwork these days- all of her pictures are scribbled circles.  Masterpieces, each one of them.

Sadly, this is where Nora was on her last day.... the doctor's office. She missed her last day and her last day ice cream party.  She was a sad girl.  Strep throat AGAIN.  It's actually the 3rd time in 3 months so guess what....tonsillectomy is scheduled for June 23rd so she will get lots of ice cream then.  She will get her tonsils and adenoids out and we are hoping she will feel like a new person!  I am anxious about it, but know it is the right thing for her.  Dr. Monte likes them to be at least 3 years old, and 30 lbs.  She will be one month into 3 and weighs 33 lbs. so she is one of the littlest ones for this surgery.  That also makes me nervous.  She is tough and a trooper and I know we can do it.  (Yes, we... I have heard keeping them still and quiet, on soft foods and giving them pain medication every 2 hours even in the night is hard for the whole family).  Totally worth it though for her to get some relief!!

Nora has had a wonderful year, going 2 days a week to St. Luke's.  She really LOVES school and her friends and playing.  She gets excited to go each day (partly is because she gets to ride with her daddy in the morning).  She knows all of her shapes, colors, can count to 20+, has a very expansive vocabulary. She can do puzzles,  knows her Alphabet, and DF was learning my cell phone number last week, and Nora just shocked us and recited it as well...  Area code and all.  She is a sponge and anything her brother is learning, she wants know too.  If he has homework pages at night, we have to find some for Nora to do as well because she wants "homework too!" She has wonderful fine motor skills and seems to be pretty athletic. Mrs. Bogle is actually not going to teach Pre-K next year, and is going to the 3 year old class so Nora will have her next year for a teacher, we are all thrilled!

Last day of Preschool for DFB

The famous red doors of St. Luke's Episcopal Day school.

Biggest smile of Ike caught on camera to date :)  These brothers love each other

David Franklin's growth this year has been amazing. One of the biggest he's years he's had. He has obviously grown physically, but in many other ways I wasn't expecting. Academically he is reading some sight words, can do some addition and subtraction, put together big puzzles, knows some basic Spanish,  and can color in the lines and enjoys it and drawing pictures- he never did this! He can solve small word problems and charts and graphs. He knows some basic computer skills like how to work a mouse and he loves a learning website called 
Physically, he has gotten leaner, taller, and more coordinated. He has shown much more interest and skills in sports like baseball, tennis and the biggest has been golf. 

His teacher Mrs. Bogle seriously cried her eyes out telling him goodbye today and I almost lost it myself. She loves those kids SO much! She said she has a special place in her heart for DF and I believe her. She wants me to tell his kindergarten teacher how sweet and kind hearted he is before the year begins. I said, don't all mothers think their child is especially kind and sweet and she said, yes, but yours really is. She said he's uniquely blessed. She says he's smart and to get him science books- he loves science and animals!  She has been a real blessing to us and has nurtured his little heart and learning. At the beginning of the year he could write his name, but not very well and only "David." He wanted to learn how to write "David Franklin" and she promised him by the end of the year she would help him learn. At Christmas, she sent me a picture of "David Franklin" written in his handwriting. She was so proud him, and I am too!  He has much more confidence and I know next year in Kindergarten will be even more growth and development.  Which I am already emotional about.  Cliche' and all, I know.

Here is a real #flashbackfriday This is David Franklin's first day ever at St. Luke's. He was almost 2 but not quite yet, and they let him come a week or two early anyway...shhhh. It was in 2010. What a BABY he was. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

We got out early on Monday, Memorial Day for a boat ride and tube rides with the Vaughts. They all had so much fun!! And they were really fun to watch and hear their squeals and laughter! 

It was Isaac's first time on the boat and he fell fast asleep. But, he also got to be a co-captain his on his first ride! He was in the bjorn while I pulled Franklin, Nora and Robbie on the tube. That is a new level of multi-tasking, I've never pulled skiers with a baby attached to me before!  

My dad taught me when I was growing up that I could do anything a boy could do and insisted that I learn how to do things on my own. Being self sufficient is important to him. While I always loved to drive and was up for anything like that, there were things I didn't want to learn how to changing a flat tire. But he taught me how to do that, check the oil, use jumper cables, drive a standard, drive a boat, pull skiers, water safety, hit a golf ball, paddle a canoe, and many other life lessons that I am grateful for. That knowledge has come in handy and provided many experiences that I wouldn't have had without it. It is something I am now proud of, and makes me feel capable as an adult, a woman, and as a mother.   Thanks, dad!! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Princess is 3!

Well, we "Let it Go" and really celebrated this birthday girl!  THREE years old!  My baby girl!!!!

She's had a birthday week really; a dinner and presents at mammers house on Tuesday night, school cupcake party on Thursday, and Friday morning started with balloons, birthday pancakes, and presents. Then we met Madelyn and Lyndon at the nail salon for her first mani/pedi. It was a hit... literally. She dropped a bottle of hot pink polish within the first 5 minutes and glass and polish flew everywhere. She was scared and a little embarrassed but she recovered quickly and the salon was great about it! 

After nails, we went next door to Osaka for the hibachi grill experience. We met the guys and Wesley and her kids for lunch. DF loved it!!! Nora, was scared at first but then got more used to it... Although, she sat in her daddy's lap the whole time. We came home for naps and then went to Entergy Park for a play date with the McBrides, Choates, Herndons, and Hamners.  

On Saturday we went to the lake for a birthday lunch and swimming with meme and grandpa, boo, and the Vaughts. She got all things Frozen and wore her Elsa costume. She got phone calls, songs, face time chats, video messages, and fun packages and cards in the mail from family out of town!   She had a wonderful third birthday, I'd say and felt pretty special. 

We learn more about you everyday and couldn't possibly love you more. You are kind.  You are inclusive and giving. You want everyone to have whatever you have. You're very smart and inquisitive. You're always up for any adventure! You are hilarious and make us laugh everyday with your spunk! You have a hospitable spirit and like to serve. At your class party you asked to pass out the napkins and plates to all of your friends. You love to help! You adore your brothers, cousins, and friends. We pray so many things for you everyday.  You can achieve anything you desire. You are determined by nature so the sky is the limit. You are a wonderful mix of tom boy and girly girl. You either want to sleep in your brothers superhero underpants or a princess gown. Anything in between is a real bummer for you. You love dolls and dressing up and twirling in your skirts but you also like balls and play guns and the outdoors. You bring everyone around you so much happiness, and strangers smile at the sight of you. People stop me all the time to comment on how stinking CUTE you are. Truly beautiful on the inside and out.  We are blessed to have you as our daughter and in our family. You are my best girl. Always and forever. 

I love you, 

Thrilled with running through surprise balloons on her bday morning!

How old are you?
Wearing her new Anna dress
Such a big girl
These two are the first ones to ever paint her nails so it was fitting they came along!
Baby bubby did great too!

Safe with daddy!
All she asked for was a frozen cake- so this thing (which was bigger and fancier than I imagined) was like a present to her!
In her Elsa dress and jewels
These two boys are the cutest in their hats.

She loves to jump to Grandpa
DF is happy with his new snorkeling gear.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nora's school birthday party!

Nora had her school party today. She was so excited about it. Mrs. Gaddis said it was a long day of waiting for her to get to this afternoon! I told Nora she could pick out a book for me to read to her class and she chose "No, David!" It makes her laugh especially because it makes her think if her brother getting into trouble. She was reciting every page along with me in giggles! 

Mrs. Gaddis, Noras teacher, has a new baking business called Annie's Cakes. I thought of no one better to bake Nora's class cupcakes! They were DELICIOUS! I mean, amazing. Nora wanted Frozen theme cup cakes. The vanilla have home made butter cream frosting and the chocolate have cotton candy flavored blue icing. The snowflakes are white chocolate! 

Good morning!

This boy knows how to rise and SHINE! Too much cuteness and sweetness for one little body.  OHHH, we love him so.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Final Chapel for DF at St. Luke's

He's graduated in sense, and leaving St. Luke's.  He's finishing his preschool years and getting ready for real school right before our eyes!

We are so proud of him and his accomplishments and all he's learned while at St. Luke's but especially this pre-k year. He's matured a lot too. Thankful for St. Luke's and the care and positive influence they provide to our children while they are there. 

Shaking Father C.B.'s hand. Who he called "Father ABC" when he was 3.
Mr. Zubro, school director. 
His class all together.
Such a fun group of kids. Mrs. Bogle's class.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nora's first tea party

Nora was feeling pretty sad that she was left behind for the campout so I made it up to her by giving her a very girly activity of her own, a tea party! We called some girl friends and invited then over for high tea. The Hall girls came, the Pierce girls, and Kate Van Bebber.

It was fancy, and fun and Nora felt very special. The girls lasted about 10 minutes before they were over it and wanted to go play, so the mommies sat down and enjoyed the tea party ourselves :)

Baby brother crashed the party too, so he had to wear a fancy hat himself. He looked pretty CUTE in his straw hat for summer, and he knew it!