Saturday, April 26, 2014

The farm in Glenwood

They were excited to get to Glenwood and fish the pond.

Nora was first to catch one- a sunfish.
David Franklin was second, another sunfish.
It was Isaac's first time to the farm- and he wore overalls too. Nora loved it.

He and I were third to catch one and we got a nice bass- daddy was feeling jealous so we couldn't stop until....
He caught his fish- which happened to be huge!

Tractor rides are always a hit
And we planted some sunflowers by the barn- we aren't very successful with plants so we shall see. Fingers crossed.

Daddy let them pick out their own snacks at the bait shop and they came out with huge sprites and snickers bars! No wonder they love going fishing with daddy ;)

These 3 sacked out on the way home from a fun family day at the farm! Time together is time well spent. 

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