Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's that time of year again...

Little league baseball.  And what a difference a year makes...
This is him on his first game last year in the Blue and this the first game of the season this year in the Red from last night.  He is losing his baby face and getting so big!  It isn't just how he looks that is different from last year.  It's his concept of the game, attention span and ability too.  He is growing up before our eyes and Kindergarten registration is right around the corner.  I am getting a real sense of how fast time goes by. 

Little sister is still a big fan and happy to have her own shirt, but she wanted one with a number on the back too...soon enough sis!

Daddy loves being in the outfield with his boy.  

Such a cute group of boys in the dug out.  We go to church with 3 of them and 2 (James and Avery) have been DF's best buddies since they were in diapers.  Goofing off in the dug out really is just as much fun as playing the game if you ask me, and these boys seem to agree! 

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