Saturday, April 26, 2014

Boat ride

We took the boat out for the first time in 2014. It was a gorgeous day and the kids reaaaallly wanted to jump in the water but it's too cold. We all love the lake so we enjoyed being out there today and it got us excited about this summer.

These two are tight.

Ikey stayed back with meme and grandpa and helped them fix dinner. 

The farm in Glenwood

They were excited to get to Glenwood and fish the pond.

Nora was first to catch one- a sunfish.
David Franklin was second, another sunfish.
It was Isaac's first time to the farm- and he wore overalls too. Nora loved it.

He and I were third to catch one and we got a nice bass- daddy was feeling jealous so we couldn't stop until....
He caught his fish- which happened to be huge!

Tractor rides are always a hit
And we planted some sunflowers by the barn- we aren't very successful with plants so we shall see. Fingers crossed.

Daddy let them pick out their own snacks at the bait shop and they came out with huge sprites and snickers bars! No wonder they love going fishing with daddy ;)

These 3 sacked out on the way home from a fun family day at the farm! Time together is time well spent. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The I want to go to Kindergarten with Buuby too fit...

Started with us telling her that he was staying home from St. Luke's because he had his Kindergarten tour at Lakeside....not happy about this news. 

This is the reaction to, but you are going to St. Luke's today like a big girl. (She loves school and asks to go but this all changed in an instant when she heard bubby is going to a different school next year). Poor thing wants to be with her brother every minute. There is no one she wants to be like more. 

The I want to go to Kindergarten too bit. Keep in mind she doesn't know what kindergarten is but she saw how happy he was about it, and the mere fact that he could go somewhere and she couldn't was just maddening. 
And lastly when she was told the dreaded phrases of when you are bigger, when you are five. It's not your turn yet. Little sister problems :(. Why can't little sisters go too? 

I picked her up from St. Luke's with the reward/ consolation prize of the snow cone stand and all was fixed. She had a great day at school, and DF is going back to St. Luke's with her today so all is well in the world. 

Now this boy.....
Excuse closed eyes in this pic.
Checking out a classroom 

Had the BEST day with his buddies checking out his new big school! I had a great day with the boys but got a but emotional being back in my old primary building with my baby. He said it was "more than cool, it was amazing!"  He would start tomorrow if he could. A lot of that is due to the big new playground he was impressed with.

And we can't forget this guy who just goes with the flow. Sweet "baby bubby," as Nora has named him. 

What an emotional day. A very HAPPY boy, a very SAD girl and a momma who felt a mixture of both! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There's a first time for everything

Including your first banana split. We had a purple ice cream banana split at Purple Cow last night. The kids, as you can see, were totally mesmerized and thrilled!! They couldn't take their eyes off of it for the picture... :)
We couldn't even finish 1/2 of it between all of us, but it sure was yummy!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter this year. We went to early church and then to the country club for lunch with the Basses and Vaughts. We came to our house afterwards for an egg hunt, piñata, and egg bust with the golf clubs. (Ligon family traditions that go back to when I was a little girl). I asked my kids what their favorite was and they both said the piñata. I was surprised because it was pretty anticlimactic. No one actually busted it open so as you can see, franklin ripped it himself!

Let's take a selfie! :) I think it was Boos first!
Comparing eggs

Meme and Grandpa and their 5 grand kids 

Girl pic!
Father/son dressed alike
Baby boys first Easter!
Bow ties unite! Plus Nora- she actually cried Easter morning because she wanted to wear a bow tie too! So we got her a big hair bow and that made her happy.

This baby is so good! Even when he's squeezed to smithereens.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

HSCC Easter Egg Hunt

We went to the country club for the Easter Egg hunt. It was fast and furious but a gorgeous day and the kids had a great time!

How cute is this Peter Cottontail?