Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

On Christmas Eve, we went to Candlelight church service and then home for deer chili Franklin made. Mammers spent the night on the third bunk with the kids so in their book, Santa coming, plus a sleepover with Mammers = best night EVER!  They were so keyed up and excited I wasn't sure they would ever fall asleep!  But they did and awoke bright and early to see what Santa brought!  We had breakfast and played with toys and then went to Mammers for lunch with the Ligon family.  It was a DELICOUS meal, and one just like my mam-maw would have fixed complete with my favorite Cherry Crunch pie! Nora really liked it too.  The kids had such a fin day, Nora didn't ever get still enough for a nap.  Then we finished the day at Meme and Grandpa's with the Vaughts, Boo and Robbie for more presents and food!  We had a Merry, Merry Christmas.  Nothing under the tree was as good as being with the people around it on this special day.  Blessed indeed.

They kinda love each other :)

Putting out the reindeer food (that bella actually ate and eventually threw up in our living room!)

The Ligon Family Christmas at Mammers.  Minus Franklin who was the photographer.  We were also missing the Morphews today but glad we get to see them soon. 

With my girl cousins, Sarah and Mary.  Nora loves them both!

On to number 9 for Christmas round 3 (or so)

Preschool Christmas Parties

The kids had great times at their class Christmas parties this year. Nora's class was much more in the groove than they were at their first party at Halloween. 
David franklins was a pj party and they exchanged gifts with one person in their class and had so much fun. The excitement was in the air! 

Last night we met some friends for a walk through graven gardens lights- so lucky to have this in our town! They hung over 4 million lights and it was big fun for everyone! We ended the night with hot chocolate, even though it was 60 degrees last night :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Brunch

We finally saw Santa this year, we met up with him at the Santa Brunch at HSCC.  We went with Meme and Grandpa, Boo and 'Big Robbie Judy' as Nora has renamed her! :)  Mammers also joined us.  I wish I had a group shot but next time.  The kids went right up to him happily and were very sweet.  David Franklin asked him if he had gotten their lists and Nora asked him where his reindeer were.  (they were at the lake getting a drink).  Nora asked for a baby with a bottle, although her brother told Santa for her and David Franklin asked for a gold fish.  Tomorrow we shall see!!

 Lend your ear this way!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas season

We've had a fun and full Christmas season and there is much more to come! We went to Fayetteville last weekend for Christmas with the Johnson's and had such a nice visit. They still had snow on the ground from a big storm they had prior in the week so it was fun to get to enjoy that.
We went to see the Gingerbread house at the Arlington.
We went to Fayetteville for Christmas with the Johnson's and went to visit the lights of the ozarks. Wish I got more pics!
David franklin sang in church on Sunday and was adorable, bowing after every song.
Our Christmas card this year- last year as 4!
David franklin had his last preschool Christmas chapel at St Luke's today. He was a Shepard.
Afterwards, he and Nora went to check out baby Jesus in the manger. (Away in a manger is both of their favorite Christmas carols this year and we sing it many times a day). Love that, as opposed to Rudolph or something. Rudolph is a hit as well, but it makes me focus on the birth of Christ so much more to hear their sweet voices sing away in a manger. Being so pregnant makes me think of the birth more as well I'm sure! Really can't believe Mary gave birth in a barn. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Waiting on baby Isaac Pictures

Such a proud and sweet big brother! 

I love my angel face girl.

We had a few maternity pictures taken before baby Isaac arrives.  Since this is my last time to be pregnant…unless it's a BIG surprise and because the kids have been sooooo excited and interested with the pregnancy, I always wanted to remember this time of anticipation.

It really won't be too much longer until we can hold him and welcome him to our family.  Nora asks to hold him a lot.  She pretends to take him and out and pat him and then she puts him back in.  She also has multiple babies in her belly and a baby kitty cat she says.  David Franklin talks to him and tell him he loves him all the time.  We are anxiously waiting to meet you, baby Isaac.  You are VERY loved already by your whole family.  Your daddy is already planning big adventures for you and your big brother, his "two boys."