Saturday, November 30, 2013

Big boo boo and big girl move

We narrowly escaped a trip to the ER with our girl yesterday. My "helper" came behind me as I was decorating for Christmas yesterday and tugged on a stocking and the heavy metal hook came down and got her right under the eye.

Our family doctor came by to check her and said it was not deep or wide so no need for stitches or glue but this momma was super scared and super sad.
I HATE those hooks and I've feared that very thing for years. They are no longer and we will now use something else on the mantel. 
She's a tough cookie and was over it very quickly. Today it's bruised and swollen. It looks like she's been in a fight but she doesn't complain (until I put ointment on it). 

She also said a hard goodbye to her pacis today. She loves them but it was time (past) to bid them farewell. We took them over to baby Georgia so she could use them since Nora is now a big girl. She does not use one at school so we knew she could do it. It will be a hard day or so but she's doing pretty well- she's had a pretty fussy day but not necessarily about the Paci. 

After her hard day yesterday and saying goodbye Paci, she earned a trip to build a bear and chose a pink princess bear she named Molly. That has made things much easier. It's hard being 2 years old sometimes! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bass boys and girls weekends

The Bass/Vaught women had a first ever "girls trip" this weekend or as Nora says it, "gurlz trip!" We made a quick trip to Dallas for a fun visit to American Girl and the Galleria. It was Nora's first time to see ice skating, and first time to ever experience anything like American Girl. She is crazy for baby dolls so she LOVED it. She got her first "Bitty Baby" from the Vaughts and has named her Lucy.
We ate dinner at the American Girl Bistro and the girls got to have their dolls sit in highs chairs beside them at the table and even the dolls got some tea. It was really cute and a very special time and I loved having a real life tea party with my baby girl and family. I feel so blessed to have a daughter to experience these things with! Hallie and Nora had such a great time being together.  Thank you meme and grandpa for such a treat! Special memories made!

All of the gurlz! (And one boy, baby Isaac at 27 weeks). It was also fun seeing all of the beautiful Christmas decorations.
The girls and their dolls at the American Girl Bistro.

The mothers and daughters with their dolls.
I think she was happy!  ;)

The boys had their own adventure planned at "Plum Nelly" which is LB's family farm. It was David Franklin's first time duck hunting and it was something  Franklin had been looking forward to doing with his son for a while! It was a very cold hunt from what I understand but they did get some ducks. He had a great time shooting his BB gun, riding 4 wheelers and doing boy things at the farm.
Grandpa and DF in the duck blind
Testing out his waders from Robbie

How he ended up after all the freezing he could take...watching a DVD in the truck.
Daddy, Son and Grandpa

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast St. Luke's School

St. Luke's had their annual Thanksgiving Feast today and it was cuter than ever this year.  Nora's age group performed a couple songs and then we ate at 10:00 and David Franklin's group came in at 11:00 and sang more songs and wished us a Happy Thanksgiving and we ate again!  It was precious and Nora really got into performing, I thought she might try to bail out when she saw us.  Mammers and Mommie Boo were able to join in on the festivities, which was really fun too!

They also made some treasures in their art work that I am so proud of.  David Franklin's "Thankful for" is so sweet that his teacher had tears when she showed it to me.  Memories to cherish.  I sure love these wild Indians!!

It reads: "David Franklin is Thankful for….going on trips, my mommy and daddy, and God because he gives us so many miracles, and for love.  I am thankful for love and our hearts that give us love."  

That boy IS pure love.  His was unlike any others in his class.

Nora's hand print turkeys

She had spotted us before the show!

DF had to have the pumpkin pie right away, that boy loves some sweets and especially pumpkin!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip 2013

Today was the rescheduled date for the Pumpkin Patch field trip at Family Farm.  It got rained out in October.  It was a cold day, but still lots of fun!!  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Baby Boy Bass has a name!

We were toying with the idea of leaving Baby Bass' name a surprise until his birth, but after our kids were asking us and suggesting all sorts of wonderful name ideas….we decided it would be easier on them and us just to tell.

We have selected Isaac as his name.  We chose this name for many reasons; #1 reason is because it's a family name and we just don't have it in us to chose a name that isn't a family name.  #2, it has been in the Bass family since 1821 and we love the tradition of it.  It was Hal's grandfather's name, and he was very special to Hal.  #3, It is biblical and we like that since David is too. #4, It has a super cool nickname that has the old man appeal that Franklin likes, Ike.  We will call him Isaac (David Franklin says it's a prettier name), but Ike will be a fun nickname to use too!  It won't be what he goes by, per say, unless he choses to.  

Watson is Franklin's mother's maiden name.  We love her tremendously.  When I say I have the best mother in law in the world, it's no exaggeration.  We wanted to honor her and her family of origin.  She was one of three girls, so the Watson name has not been passed down….Until now! 

This ultrasound picture was from his 20 week check up.  He looks great and is growing perfectly.  I am now 26 weeks pregnant, so he's grown even more.  He wouldn't show much of his face, but we know it's beautiful.  We are blessed beyond measure and cannot wait to welcome him to the world and our family.  Nora and David F. talk about him and to him everyday.  In the school picture DF drew, he drew me pregnant with 3 babies in my belly. Precious! They are thrilled they are having a baby brother, and we are too! 

School pics 2013

David Franklin, age 5 in Mrs. Bogle's 3 day a week class. Nora, age 2 in Mrs. Gaddis' T/Th class. His last preschool picture and her first.
David Franklin played soccer at the Y this fall. Meet the Earthquakes!  He learned a lot and had a fun. 

Quick Tilly Visit

They only have eyes for Matilda, but Matilda wasn't quite so sure about these little invaders at first... She warmed up quickly and they had big fun after a short while.

Pajama party at the hotel!

The Morphew's have quite a busy schedule with Lauren's book tour. They are currently in Europe but the closest they were to Arkansas at a time we could see them was Jackson, MS.  We decided last minute to jump in the car and crash the tour so we could see them!  The Bass children are totally gah gah over their baby cousin, Tilly!  We all are; she is the cutest and sweetest baby!  Nora cried when we left.  If only California wasn't SO far away!!  We loved getting some time with them all, even if it was very short.