Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nora's first day of Preschool

 My baby went to school today! She is a T/Th girl. She was "so excited" and thrilled she gets to go to her bubby's big school. 

She loves her new empty backpack, nap mat and lunchbox. Everything is so much fun for her!

She is in Mrs. Gaddis' class and she was also DF's teacher. She's super sweet and loving and I know Nora will love her! 
Nora has all girls and 1 boy in her class. 

There were no tears at drop off with her daddy and I can't wait to hear how it all went today. She was also covered in prayer and thanksgiving. I hope it's a great day and year in Nora's life. 

We love you, precious girl!! You make everyone's day brighter and more beautiful when they are with you. And definitely much more FUN! 

These last 2 pictures her teacher sent me and said "GREAT DAY!" Notice she's asleep.....I did not send a paci so I was concerned how that would go. This is big! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pre- K

Today is David Franklin's first day of Pre-K and he was super excited this morning. He has a new classroom and Mrs. Bogle is his teacher. She is phenomenal and teaches them SO much while also being firm and loving and nurturing. The perfect balance of all in a preschool teacher. She has high hopes for them, as she told me she wants them reading sentences by the end of the year. 
She said they will be writing, spelling, reading and even doing math! There will also be light homework. This will be a huge year for him cognitively and socially. They have weekly jobs (chores) they are in charge of as well. 

As I took this picture today, I looked and really studied my boy. How tall and lean he's getting, how dark his hair is turning, and as I looked at this photo after I took it. I was totally overtaken with how handsome he is. I know every momma thinks so, but those eyes, and smile, etc. Even as handsome as he looks, the most beautiful thing about him is his sweet, tender, loving heart. His innocence, imagination, and love of and for other people is something I hope he holds on to for a very long time. 

I covered him with prayer as he eagerly walked out the door and as much as I prayed for protection, the school and teachers, etc. I was mostly offering my thanksgiving for this child I get to claim as my own. My first born son that forever changed my heart, a million times for the better. I love you, David Franklin Bass. Always and forever. 

Oh man, next year when he actually starts Kindergarten I'm gonna be TOAST. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jackson Hole, WY

Franklin and I went for a little getaway to Jackson Hole, WY last weekend.  It was amazing and refreshing in so many ways!

The weather was such a nice break from the AR heat, cool mornings and nights in the 40s!  We hiked, saw gorgeous vistas and wildlife, rode horses on a trail ride, went white water rafting on the Snake River and ate great dinners and food. Franklin also got to fly fish and I got to got to brunch with my good buddy, Effie who recently moved there. We had a nice visit and I shopped around the square and had a nice massage that afternoon. Franklin and I  had good time talking, having fun, being together as a couple and caught up on some much needed rest!  We missed our kiddos though and were happy to see them on Sunday.  They had a great time with 2 days with Meme and Grandpa and 2 days with Mammers.  Big adventures and fun for them! Thank you wonderful Grandparents!! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Exciting news!

We're growing!! Baby Bass #3 is expected to arrive February 2014! ❤