Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer days

Loving the pool this summer!! DF is a good swimmer and Nora loves to jump and jump! Sometimes when she has her ear plugs and hat on she looks more like an 80 year old at a Miami retirement home! 

Happy Father's Day

To the best daddy around. His protection and love and devotion to his family are amazing and he is truly gifted in his role as a father. Franklin Bass (as Nora says), you are loved. He is wearing the paper tie David Franklin made for him with pride today and is by far the best dressed daddy. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Beach babes

Picture overload warning...
We just got back from a lovely family vacation.  We had so much quality time together and it was a trip we will remember.  Especially David Franklin.  He went on his first Father/Son Deep Sea fishing trip and caught lots of fish and a SHARK!  He has talked about it nonstop, and he is so proud of himself.  We went to Orange Beach the first of the week, just us 4 and then met up with MeMe and Grandpa Bass and the Vaughts at Point Clear, Alabma the end of the week.  We had the best time with them and were sad it went by so quickly.  David Franklin is really swimming and passed his swim test at the Country Club last night so he can jump off the diving board now!  Nora loved the sand and the ocean, as long as she was held tight.  The pool is always a hit for both of them!  So thankful for this family and special time together!!

Live Music Night at LuLu's

We thought the guy was funny taking our picture.  Nora thought Stranger-Danger!

The kids could have their daddy throw them in the pool over and over again!

He's a fish! (make that a shark)

First morning at the beach, we were at it since Sunrise.

Nora's curls reached a new level at the beach with the humidity.  Corkscrews all over her head!

The Fishing trip he will always remember!  (Daddy will too)

Nap time on the beach!

Crab hunting time!

At the track, DF drove a go cart by himself!

Cousin time!!!

DF was caught up in the moment of being on vacation with his Meme and laid one on her :)