Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Weekend Fun

We were pretty busy even after the big pony party on Memorial weekend!  We had fun family time with the Vaughts and the Basses at #9 and even took the tube out for the first time... Hallie and Robbie were loving it.  The kids sawm and played with friends and David F even mastered riding his bike with no training wheels at Mammers' house- what a BIG BOY!

Brothers can be such squirts!

And, he's GOT it!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This ain't my first rodeo.....It's my SECOND!

The birthday girl enjoying a peppermint treat (that was meant for Tucker) before the party began.

We love this Birthday girl!!

Nora and her Mammers, the party planner!

Nora is a real animal lover, and she really loves horses or "Neighs" as she sometimes calls them.  For her second birthday (and her first real birthday party) we had a Pink Pony Party at my cousin's working horse farm.  We go out there sometimes and my kids love seeing the horses and one named Tucker is very gentle and they can ride.  They were so kind to let us come and have her party out there. It's beautiful and most of the kids rode Tucker, which was their first time to ever ride a horse. We played Ring Toss, and had bobbing for apples, and a short hay ride. It was a wonderful time for the kids.  We couldn't have had near the party we did without Mammers, she baked the Pink Lemonade and Chocolate cupcakes, a Happy Birthday Burlap Banner, came up with the table runner and serving piece layout and even showed me the idea of the noodle stick horse party favors!!  She made the whole party, I was just her assistant.  THANK YOU for all you do for us and going the extra mile.

In luei of gifts, Nora sponsored a rescue horse at Give Me a Chance Equine Rescue in Arkadelphia and gave them over $200 from her friends.





Lynny came and painted this pretty horse picture and even made a horse cake for Nora!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Look who's 2!

Look who's 2!!  Nora Ligon Bass! She had a wonderful and busy day. Her daddy made her pancakes for breakfast and her brother couldn't wait to help her open her gifts. He was so sweet to her and Nora said thank you for each card. 

I've written Nora a couple "love letters" so her daddy wanted a turn to share his thoughts and write the letter this time. He loves her tremendously....

Dearest Nora,

You turned two this week and as I look back, the past two years have been some of the best of my life.  You bring so much joy to our family.  Your “bubby” loves you almost as much as you love him.  You make David Franklin laugh constantly.  This isn’t to say you don’t have the typical brother and sister arguments but more times than not, you really enjoy spending time with each other.  One of your gifts that quickly showed up is your thoughtfulness.  Every time you ask for something, it is almost always followed by the words…”bubby too.”  You want to make sure he has what you have.  It’s my prayer that you will remain as close through out your lives.

You are the most beautiful girl in the world.  I hope you always appreciate your beauty and maintain your confidence.  No matter where we are, someone always seems to stop us and say you have such a pretty baby.  The beauty you have comes from your mother.  People always comment on how pretty she is too.  Your mother is so proud of you.  Her face lights up daily because of your sweet and sometimes sassy personality.

The joy you bring to my life is so fulfilling to me.  I am a happier person because of you.  I love that you enjoy singing.   I love your blonde curly hair.  I love your prissy walk.  I love how you run to show me what you are wearing when you feel cute.  I love your strong will, although at times it can be challenging.  I love that you want “me do it.”  I love that you love to be with your family and friends.  I love that you try to say prayers with your brother before dinner.  I love your desire to try to new things.  The bottom line is I love you, Nora Ligon Bass.

My promise to you is that your mother and I will always be here for you, always pray for you, and always love you.

Your proud father,


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Barefoot, blue jean night

We went to the Johnson Farm this weekend for some old fashioned, outdoor fun. We had a Tball tournament, worked on riding bikes sans training wheels (and almost got it), went fishing, wading in the creek, and cooked steaks over an open fire.

We also had Nora's first birthday celebration! It was a full day of fun on the farm. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

California. No Doubt About it.

The kids, Mammers and I just spent some unforgettable time in California with the Morphews, where we got to meet and fall in love with little Miss Matilda.

We were very busy, and did some really neat things! Lauren and I went shopping and had lunch at The Ivy. Then we all went to the La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum which was a highlight for David Franklin.
Then David F, Jason, Lauren and I went to a Dodgers game at Dodgers Stadium. It was bark in the park so Milo got to go too. Mom, Lauren and I also got treated to Mother's Day massages at a really nice spa, which was a real treat.
Then we went to the Studio City Farmers Market and the kids got sun hats, delicious peaches and went to the petting zoo. We also loaded up and heading down to the Malibu beach for some fun in the sun. Nora loved the sand and David F. loved the water! We had even more adventures, and an all around wonderful trip!

As much fun as we had with our outings and fun treats, it was unanimous that our favorite part of our time was being with Tillie. The kids are just crazy about her and wanted to be with her every second. She is such a sweet, sweet baby, and a very special and exciting addition to our family!


One HAPPY Mammers on Mother's Day with all of her Grandchildren.

Riding the swings and at the Petting Zoo at the Farmer's Market

Must be touching Tillie at all times.