Saturday, March 30, 2013

HSCC Easter Party

Nora needed Mommy to warm up a bit at first. David Franklin did NOT and was thrilled to see him!


He is on a mission to find more eggs!
The rain can't slow us down, or not too much I should say.  Nora was insisting on playing in the puddles and slipped and got a skinned up knee.  She was really tough but it hurt and it hurt a Mommy's heart too. 
We met some friends at the Country Club for lunch today and the kids had an indoor hunt and the bunny came around to the tables.  Nora didn't decide until afterwards that she liked him.  David Franklin knew right away that they were buddies and hugged his leg immediately!  They got lots of candy (again) and had a great time.  Easter has been a big holiday for us this year, and the fun keeps on going tomorrow!  The significance of Easter is honestly mind blowing to me, and I'm so happy and thankful for our Lord who gave his life for us all to live eternally with Him. I was dreaming last night of all of the family I get to be reunited with because of it!  He is RISEN indeed!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Egg Dyeing!

We dyed our eggs today at the Herndon's lake house. Lots got cracked, thrown into multiple color cups, and some were even eaten but we still got home with several eggs. Nora loved it and was a power egg dyer and kept taking them out and putting new ones in. She was very efficient! David Franklin was mostly into applying the stickers at the end and coloring them with the magic crayon.

Df's school Easter party

While at David Franklin's preschool Easter party and Egg hunt, we saw some of his work hanging in the hall. The "If I brought a dinosaur to school.." Made me laugh! And this is a picture of his first ever writing of his own name by himself!! How I love this boy!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Egg Hunt

Nora and I went to the Egg Hunt at the library today while David F was at school. She didn't care much about the eggs but she sure enjoyed eating the candy inside!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stay-cation continued

The fun continued, we did a cooking class on Wednesday afternoon at Cooking With Kids and it was super cute!  We also went bowling and had craft time and breakfast at Meme and Grandpa's with the Vaughts.  It was a busy and fun Spring Break Staycation.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break Stay-cation 2013



We have been busy this week, we have been playing with friends and doing things we have never or don't usually do.  On Tuesday, David Franklin and I had a double date with Wesley and Hudson Choate to Little Rock and we went to Wye Mountain and lunch at Chuck E Cheese.  We all had a great time! ( Nora has been pretty sick with strep, which turned into tonsilitis, and so she stayed home and got some good loving from her Mammers).


This happened...

Oh yes, we did! Old Time Photos in Downtown Hot Springs...Tourists for the day.

We were playing with the VanBebbers yesterday and decided to stop by and get the kids pictures taken. Oh these pictures make me laugh! David Franklin likes dressing up and playing cowboy so much I knew he'd love it and he did! Even when we got home he said "Mom, lets pretend I still have my cowboy clothes on and gun, ok?"


Kate and Gabe Vanbebber, ages 4 and 6. David Franklin and Nora Bass ages, 4 and 1.5.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A day in the life


This is our life or at least most of our afternoons during the week.   I also got motivated to use my real camera instead of my phone and even attempted to take it off Auto! I am inspired to do it more often because I love the lighting in some of these pictures because of it!  These are my real life photos, these are my children and what they really look like most of the time, barefoot, dirty toes and faces, with a toy in hand and totally immersed in play, often David Franklin has his shirt off and is in half a costume or boots and they are totally happy in their backyard with their dog together.   Pause time PLEASE!