Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let's play house!

The kids got a new playhouse for the backyard! It's actually more of a summer cottage in size, and they love it! It has a little kitchen, and a working doorbell.
It's been put together for one day and they've already started locking each other out and staking their claim....true siblings they are indeed! :)


Case and point.  Sharing is a bit of a struggle, ha!

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Grands Ellen

My Grands Ellen has gone to be with The Lord on Saturday evening. Although we know she was ready and there was nothing left unsaid, we will miss her a great deal. She and I had a true bond that we both felt and neither of us understood how or why it was so strong. Even recently, she said we've always been so close, how did we get to be so close? I can't explain it either but I know I've always felt a strong attachment to her and almost a magnetic pull to be in her presence. She is someone who I admire and look up to because she was always so happy and positive. Not in a phony way however, and when she was down she would say so and she would get mad at times too but even right after those moments she laughed and it faded away.

She was the most unique, loving, confident, sincere, FUN, tender hearted, loyal and protective, giving, animated, person I've ever known. She said things like Oh la la, and that's the Cat's Meow and had a flair for the glamourous, and the dramatic.  Ours was one of the deepest and most meaningful relationships I've ever had in my lifetime. In most ways we are very different, but I'd love to be just like her one day.

Grands' true loves were:
-Her family and children
-animals she had a pet dove, cats, and volunteered at the animal shelter
-animal print (strangely enough) she loves anything zebra, leopard, etc.
-faux fur
-make- up and big hair
-long, bright manicures
-accessories and bling or glitz
-romatic comedies and dramadies on TV.  Loved the Real Housewives and the Bachelor!
-parties and Chardonnay
-suit case surprises
-broccoli salad and toll house cookies
-love and life and adventure
(there are many more but those are what pops into mind)

She asked me if I had any good high heels and I said I had some and told her about a black pair I have. Those didn't make enough of a statement for her apparently, because she told me to go buy the tallest leopard print ones I could find and wear them to her service. I went to the mall the next day and I'm all set! I think she'd approve. Nora has some leopard shoes she will be wearing too, although hers are flats :) We love you Grands!



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Valentine's had a big day of heart shaped blueberry muffins, chocolate galore, cards and stickers and lots of fun. Franklin cooked dinner for us tonight and we all enjoyed it...much easier than a restaurant at this age/stage.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Children's Theatre

We are so go, go, go, (like everybody) but I almost told my mom No to her invitation to go to see " The three little pigs, and Billy goat gruff" at the Children's Theatre in Little Rock.

I'm so glad I didn't. He was captivated and loved every minute of it! At the end, a few actors conducted a short Q and A and David Franklin's arm shot up. He never got called on sadly, but when I asked him what his question was, he said he was going to ask if he could go on stage.

He is already planning to go back in a few months for the next production, James and the Giant Peach. He's a fan of the arts which makes us all smile.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Introducing our new baby cousin!

My brother, Jason and Lauren had their baby girl!

Matilda (or Tillie) Morphew is here! She was born Feb. 1, which was her due date. She is so precious and we are so happy she's in our family! Now, I can't wait to get my hands on her, but I'm going with my mom at the end of the month

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