Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nora is 20 Months

My baby is growing up and I am so happy to see her grow, learn and become her own, but it's tugging at the heart strings to see her grow up so fast!!  As long as I'm living my baby, she'll be.


We are all CRAZY about you.  Your brother just laughs and laughs at what you do and say. And your daddy; you can't imagine how smitten he is with you.  I've never seen him light up and smile so wide as he does when you run into his arms. I happen to think you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and I'm so proud you are my daughter.  You are wonderfully made and make our family so much fun and bring so much joy to our lives.  I get teary thinking about how happy you make us all everyday just by being uniquely YOU.  I'm so excited I get a front row seat to watch you become who the Lord has made you to be with each new day.  I can't wait to see how you'll grow and change and what your likes/dislikes and interests will become.

Right now at 20 months you like, puppies, horses, monkeys, Minnie Mouse, balls, colors, make up and lotions, play dough, boots, being outside, singing and dancing, chase, hiding, forts and pillows, and your night night (blanket), and Blop Blop (paci).  I have no idea how you named it a blop blop, but you did.  You love your family and friends, and are super friendly and will yell out "Hi!" to strangers at the grocery store, yet it might take you a few minutes to warm up.  You say Hi, so and so over and over again to everyone in the room and you love for all of your people to be together. You love to hug and kiss and be held. You say "hold you much" when you want to be picked up. You squeal in delight when you are happy and have a super stink face/scowl when you aren't.  We all know how you are feeling at every moment.   You are independent and like to 'hep ooh (help you).  You love to help make "foffee" in the mornings.  You vocabulary is exploding and you know so many words and can put together 4 word sentences.  You are always surprising us with what you say.  Your diction isn't always clear, but we can figure it out quickly.  You are smart!  You are athletic and have great fine motor skills.  You are girly, yet tough and like to wear capes, throw balls, wear cowboy boots, and take your hair bows right out of your hair. You are a great mix of girly girl /tomboy.  You can't stand brushing your teeth, being out of the action, when your brother takes something out of your hands,  or being put down, or when people walk away from you...which who can blame you for that?!

You wear size 4 diapers, you drink rice milk, but can tolerate more dairy, you are a great eater and mostly like meat vegtables and rice, and you love yogurt. You take mostly one nap a day but if you wake up early (which you've been doing lately) you take two. 

It won't be long until you are two years old Nora.  What an adventure it's been and what a blessing and honor it is to be your family.  Always remember, You are the jewel in our crown,  You are our cherry on top, You are the one who lights up any room you enter, Your Heavenly Father delights in you, and we all love you dearly.

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