Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Tree

Christmas time is officially here. We went and cut down our tree from the Christmas tree farm which is something we love to do each year. We had some great helpers this year. The lady saw how much David F liked it she said for him to come back when he's 16 and he could have a job. First job offer at 4!

We also went to see the beautiful lights at Garvan Gardens with a few other families this week. DF ran full force ahead of the group while Nora moseyed along looking (and pulling) on ever string of lights she could reach. It was a mild night and not a lot of people were there so it was a great night for our kids to go through it anyway they wanted without bothering anyone. The hot chocolate at the end was a hit for DFB and Nora loved the marshmallows. She packed them in her cheeks and asked the ladies for more 3 times. We had to cut her off :)

Little full.  Lotta sap.


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