Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Boy Football

Little Boys Heaven...

  Ashton and Avery- two of David Franklin's Best Buddies

The McBrides asked us to join them at the end of a football practice at Lakeside so the little boys could go down on the field with "Coach" and see the football players.  Coach McBride even did a few drills with them on their own.  It was such a fun day and such a treat for David Franklin.  He always wants to go out on the field so this was such a mini dream come true :)
        Nora made it a little powder puff game :)

Our Little Lady Bug

We didn't have a big birthday party for Nora this year, but we had to have some fun with this little love bug.  Some family were in town for Memorial weekend and they came over for a summer time lunch.  It was very low key but had a Lady Bug theme and I printed out her month day pictures that I've taken over the past year. It was so neat to see how much she's changed and grown! 
Nora had a little lady bug outfit, Hallie had butterfly wings and Robbie and DF were bug catchers and had hats and nets....   They wore them maybe 60 seconds! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nora's 1 year Stats

Nora went for her well child check-up and was in fact, a well child!  Yea!  Ears and tubes got A+s and for that we are VERY thankful!  She got her immunization shots today and that wasn't fun but she's a trooper.  She has wised up though and knows when the nurse lays her down it's coming and she starts immediately crying.

She weighs 21lbs.
She was 271/2 inches long
Her head was 17 1/2 cm
She is consistently in the 75% percentile all the way around once more.

He was very pleased with her growth and development but said take away the bottles and start her on Soy Milk.  She hasn't quite out grown her dairy allergy, we tried whole milk and she had an allergic reaction.  We will try again at 18 months. 

She thoroughly enjoyed her taste of cake last night and had a great first birthday!  Her brother was sad it was over today since he did most of the partying for her...sugar detox for him! 

It's SOO funny when sister gets icing all over her face!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy First Birthday NORA!

Nora Ligon Bass,

I can't believe you are one year already.  It's all going so fast and your first year has flown by to me.  I was looking at pictures from the day of your birth and I read the letters that people wrote to you in the waiting room as they were waiting for your arrival.  And I went back to that day, one year ago.  We were calm, we were excited, and we all wanted to know if you were a boy or a girl!   Keeping your sex a surprise was so much fun but it got really hard on us at the end.  We just couldn't wait to meet YOU! 

All of the letters I read had a similar theme and it was, You are so loved.  Before anyone had laid eyes on you, you were loved.  That love has just exploded and multiplied over and over throughout this year. My love for you will never stop growing, never.  I'm experiencing it with your brother also so I know it's true.  As I think of words to describe you Nora, they are; beautiful, joyful, affectionate, innocent, loving, loyal, fun, spunky, independent, adaptable, tough, determined, smart, adventurous, fearless, a true gift from above.

The world is a different, better place because you are here.  Just ask your daddy, he noticed yesterday that our hydrangea bush in the front yard has always produced blue flowers but for the first time this summer, it's blooming a couple of pink (purple) flowers.  He said that is because of you.  He is putty in your hands.    He can't even look at you without smiling, and the feeling is mutual.  You try to get to him as fast as you can when he gets home from work, and first thing in the morning.  You have special places in each other's hearts. You say DaDa all day long.  Most of the time it's Dada, but a lot of the time now it's turned to Day-Day and that is for your brother.  You go throughout the house trying to find him and when you do, you squeal.  You try to climb in his bed, get in his lap, play with his trucks and toys and he delights you.  He's pretty crazy about you too, and hugs you and just says your name in the sweetest voice.  He told me a couple days ago he's so happy to have a baby.  Your bond is a special one and one I hope to see strengthen over time.  I love and cherish my siblings, and I hope you do as well. 

Nora, all of your family love you. Your grandparents, great-grandmothers, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends adore you. I also love you more than you can imagine.  I'm so thankful for you.  Thankful you are exactly who you are.  Thankful the doctor shouted "It's a girl" in that delivery room one year ago. Thankful I get to try to make your life and your childhood the best it can be and watch you grow and blossom more each year.  Thankful God chose me. Being you and your brother's mother is the greatest honor of my life. 

Happy 1st Birthday to you, baby girl!! And MANY MORE!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Franklin the warrior!

Franklin did the Warrior Dash 5k race yesterday. It's the largest running series in America. It had 14 obstacles which included jumping over fire, climbing under barbed wire, cargo nets and submersion in mud/water.

Over 6,000 people participated and Franklin finished close to the top 500!
It was his first race to participate in his adult life and we are very proud of him!

Nora's Baby Dedication

Today, on Mother's Day, all new babies have the opportunity to be dedicated at LVCC. It isn't a baptisim, but a time to pray over the new babies basically. Nora was great, DFB tried to climb under my dress but hopefully not too many people saw that :)  And yes, this is sadly our best photo, and neither child is looking.

We had a lovely brunch afterwards with Franklin's dad and mother and my mom and Franklin's grandmother.  Then we spent the day at the lake at #9. Blessed to have wonderful mothers who have been such a source of love in our lives and be with them today. I'm also so grateful to be a mother to these two precious kiddos of mine.  Only God knows how my heart beats for them.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

All boy

Ever since David Franklin has been walking I've been told "He is all boy." I am still not quite sure what that means exactly but his love for insects, dirt, and outside must contribute to that description.

Today at St. Luke's he had an bug catcher kit in his cubby with a post it note that said "Homework. Catch a bug." Mrs. Etter said David Franklin in particular was beyond excited with this assignment. He's not supposed to bring it in until next Tuesday but he already has about 5 bugs caught. I have a feeling we will have to refresh by then.

He pronounces the word animals, aminals. His verbal skills are beyond his age so it's so cute and I love it so much when he mispronounces a word. I think I will say it this way for the rest of my life. He caught this frog with his daddy tonight and said he loved him so much and he's always wanted his own pet frog. He's almost squeezed it to death numerous times but "frog frog" as DF named him, seems pretty tough.

He may be all boy, catching frogs and bugs, but his love for aminals is so precious. He's one of the most tender hearted people I've ever encountered. I love this boy of mine.

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Summertime

Hot Diggity Dog, it's Summer!! I'm finished with my finals at school and what better way to kick off the summer than to have a pool party at Bootsie's pool on Friday morning and for lunch?! So much fun!

Both kids played so hard and took great afternoon naps. I got one too which I really enjoyed since April was a tough month for me. I had strep throat twice and was diagnosed with mono after having it for about 3-4 weeks. I've been soooo tired and just thought I was being a wimp. Crazy! I'm feeling better though so I'm happy about that!

Today got me excited about our many days ahead at the pool this summer but it also showed me how on my toes I will have to be since Nora is walking. She's pretty young to be so active and she doesn't love sitting in her boat much at all.

DF loves playing with Wessy (Wesley) in the pool so much...they did tug boat and rides and he jumped and jumped to her. So thankful we have good friends to play with big brother while I walk in circles with baby sis. :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Family of Fore Golf Night

We had our first family of 4 round of golf tonight at the country club before we met our friends for dinner on the veranda. By round I mean 3 holes. It will probably be our last for a while...

The kids were happy as could be, DF got a sprite which thrills him to death and Nora had wide open spaces to roam. All was well for about one hole until Nora started playing in a fire ant hill and got bitten all over her little hand. She didn't cry though until her daddy picked her up and started knocking them off of her. She was just mad because she wanted to keep playing there!

Next, the sprite that was such a big treat, turned into be a hazard because Nora climbed into the cart and tried to grab it and cut her pointer finger on the lip of the can....same hand that had just been bitten. It was right in the crease so it bled a lot.

Adventures a plenty for the Basses. Franklin is never anxious to leave the course but tonight he got pretty antsy....pun intended :)

The infamous Sprite Can
Where do you think that ball went.....?  Not the pond actually, sent it sailing into the tree on the left.  Franklin told me good shot and he meant it :)

Baby Frankenstein coming for you!

Barely 11 months and this girl is a full blown walker. If she's going somewhere now, she walks. The walk to crawl percentage is about 90 to 10! She can change directions, spin, and pivot all without losing her balance, and she's gotten pretty fast!

Its not the most graceful walk you've ever seen...Her arms go up by her head and it's pretty choppy from step to step. Her walk looks identical to Frankenstein's actually, but it's so stinking CUTE!