Sunday, March 25, 2012

Impromptu trip to the beach!

My mother is truly a one in a million. Last weekend I told her I really wish we could go to the beach for a few days during our Spring Break. Well, after a full day of looking for last minute condos available online, my mom had booked us a place for a few short days in Perdido Key, FL. Wallah! Franklin couldn't take off work with such late notice, so Mammers and I headed south with the kids.

It was not the best weather and we all wanted another day but we had a great time. Nora put her toes in the salt water for the first time and turned 10 months old in Florida. DFB has never loved the beach, swimming, etc like he did this trip and cried when we left Saturday morning. He ate his breakfast outside and just watched the waves. He loves the water like his mama. Westly and Madelyn Albright came with us and David Franklin loved having them there and so did I.

We didn't get much rest or relaxation but we had an adventure and a change of scenery and great together time. My mother took great care of us all and helped tremendously. She even wore the homemade bjorn on her walk on the beach- hence the bed sheet. Thank you mom for all of the sacrifices you make for us. We love you.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Ears!

Nora had tubes put in her ears this morning. After multiple ear infections (8 the past 2 1/2 months, which is every two weeks!!) we had our ENT appointment made. We saw Dr. Monte on Thursday (yesterday) afternoon at 3:00. He said they were both infected to the possible point of rupture. He said she needed tubes and he wanted to do it soon. Well, we checked in to the hospital at 6 am this morning ready to roll!

Other than the unpleasant experience she had when she was waking up and the sinking feeling in my stomach I had when the nurse took her out of my arms- I'd say that was pretty easy breezy! We were home around 9:00 and all seems to be just fine with Little Miss.

She has been such a little trooper! Several of the the nurses and doctors commented on how sweet and good natured she is. She even made it easy on them and fell asleep before they took her back :)

Now we are hoping that she feels relief and has happy, clear ears ASAP!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Play time at home

We've been somewhat landlocked due to Nora's RSV and its taken a toll on David Franklin and me. We have both been pretty bored but look what happened today.... They are actually playing together!
Nora gets more and more fun in DF's eyes. Unless she takes his toy and puts it in her mouth. Then playtime OVER!