Monday, January 30, 2012

First "table food"...

An Oreo cookie!
We went on a stroll this morning and DF got to have 3 Oreos as I walked...I know I bribe him with junk food so I can exercise. You do what you gotta do.

He likes to eat the cream filling and then eat the cookie part. 3 Oreo cookies can take him a while to eat. Well, he fell asleep at the end before he got to his last cookie and little sis quickly picked up where he left off...she only got a few licks in before I saw what was going on. But when I looked down to pull her out I cracked up....she looks so confused and guilty!

She's never had a puff or teething biscuit- not even any baby food meat- but already tasted milk's favorite cookie!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hot Rod


Nora got some wheels!! I know walkers are "bad" but not as bad as how many times a day she was falling! It was either this or a helmet and she really needs both.

She's so aggressive that she pulls up on everything and usually pulls it right back down on top of her. It's absolutely normal for her to have a small bruise or scratch on her head. I cannot turn my back for a second, it's so pitiful.

I thought a walker might be a fun option for both of us. She seems to love this bad boy so I'm hopeful. David Franklin loves it too and showed his first true signs of jealousy towards her in 8 months.
He said she should share and he hopped in and walked on his knees. Now I get the saying "Oh brother."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

8 months and 3.3 years update....

NLB update:
Nora is all over the place and started full blown crawling right after she turned 7 months.  She pulls up and stands up and pulls things over on top of her quite often.  She is a tough cookie though!  She scares me to death she's so fearless.

She has been "teething" since she was around 3 or 4 months old, but she has yet to produce any teeth. 

She is having soy formula bottles and seems to really like it. She quit nursing on her own about 2 weeks ago.   She's a finicky eater though and you never know if she is going to finish her bottle or not.  We really try to get her to so it won't interrupt her sleeping, which it has done in the past but if she doesn't want to eat, she's not going to eat.  She loves oatmeal, and fruits.  She likes orange vegetables better than the green ones, but isn't crazy about the veggies yet.

Her sleeping is better, not feeding her in the night anymore because she's eating all she needs during the day now- Whoo Hoo!

She is the happiest baby on the block and will flash a big ole grin to just about anyone if they smile at her.  She will also go to anyone eagerly (if she isn't too tired) and is super friendly.

She has started with Ms. Sheila on Tuesday/Thursdays who is the nicest lady who keeps a few small children at her house.  It is working out well, and she seems to really enjoy it and Ms. Sheila is wonderful with her.  I'm so thankful!!

DFB update: after all he will only be 3 and 3 months once...
He's Mr. Independent.  He is really getting quite difficult to dress because he has a big opinion.  Not about fashion, he's a comfort guy and really only wants to wear cotton, with no zippers, or buttons.  He also has his seasons confused, or just doesn't care, because he only wants to wear shorts and short sleeves.  He also wears his batman costume once a day. To play, to the grocery store, to bed. It's all cotton so it's his #1 choice.

He loves to eat PB&Js, pizza, tortillas, etc he's a bread and cheese eater.  He loves yogurt, and fruit too.  Meat is more challenging. He likes all beans and corn, but they seem to be the only veggies he will eat.  He also loves edamame.
His sleeping is much better too. He likes to leave his lamp on most nights and he wants to make sure that we will come back to check on him but his night time fears seem MUCH better. 

He's very curious and super chatty. (he comes by that naturally)  He wants to know, "How do you make this? What's this?  Why? Why? Why? He's pretty rational and you can usually explain things to him and he gets it.

He loves his books, and shows and movies. He likes to "play rough", play with super heroes, pretend, build forts and he's really gotten into his friends lately, and has wants to have one to over or asks to go to their houses.  We are explaining about waiting on invitations so the other day he asked me to send an "in-be-tation" to Avery to come over to our house to play.

He says really funny stuff, a lot: He told Nora to quit baby talking the other day. He likes his privacy in the bathroom and prefers it to be dark...?  Gibberish words totally crack him up :)

I'm wanting to write all of this down so I can remember...  I find myself asking was DF doing this at this at Nora's age and I can't remember!!  GASP! Thank goodness for blogs and his blog book so I can look it all up again :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

First trip to the ER....

It was our family's first trip to the ER with one of our kiddos last night. Thankfully it wasn't anything major but it scared me to death and made me feel awful because it was my fault. Bad, bad mommy :(

Long story short, Nora has an ear infection and when I took her to the doctor (Friday) I asked about infant Tylenol dosage. He printed off a "cheat sheet" for me and I thought I was all set. Children's over the counter medicine has always been scary and intimidating to me, especially with all of the recalls, different droppers, measurements, etc. We got the generic brand because of the "Tylenol" recalls and it has a new dosing system.

Around 5 minutes after midnight last night Nora cried out. I went into her room, and she was hot with fever. I didn't bother taking it because I was sure. The new "cheat sheet" had proper mL and mG listed for infant and children's Tylenol but underneath her weight it said "(1 1/2 droppers). I thought that was a lot so I gave her one dropper full. She isn't a great medicine taker so a lot of it got spit up.

I went back to bed and told Franklin I gave her Tylenol. Well after talking back and fourth we looked up the dosing instructions and were horrified to learn that she needed 1.5 mL and I gave her around 5, on top of the correct dose Franklin had already given her a couple hours earlier that I didn't know about. We called the pharmacist and the hospital and they said I should take her into the ER.

This long story isn't very short, so I'll speed it up.... After meeting with a very nice doctor, he called  the pharmacist to discuss what I had given her. According to Nora's weight, it was a very small overdose, about .15mL. The doctor didn't even take blood levels, said it was "non-emergent" and sent us home without charging. He made me feel so much better and said she was the healthiest patient he'd seen all day.

This mommy feels so bad--still makes me sick to think about. It scared me to death and I'm so sorry it happened but glad to report everyone is A-ok! I'm obviously pretty gun shy about giving her medicine now, it might be daddy's job from now on!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quick catch up

Time for a little catch up with pics...

Here's what we've been up to lately:
We went fishing at the farm and befriended the worms (that were used for bait). David F was sad to leave them at the farm. So he asked if he could leave a toy truck for the worms- heart meltingly sweet.

We've been playing outside as much as the weather allows! Baby sister likes the swings too.

DF had his very first soccer practice and got his new jersey. Not sure who was more excited about this, he or his daddy! :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year

So after I read Kate's AMAZING blog post about what she's learned from this year, it really got me thinking. I love what she wrote and totally can relate to her lessons and I wanted to add a few myself. Thanks for inspiring me to reflect, Kate!

I've learned that it's totally fine for action figures to become teething rings.

I've learned that sticky tiny finger prints and old jelly stuck to the side of the table still counts for a "clean house."

I've learned that taking every pillow off of every bed, couch and chair and turning them into a fort brings a little boy so much joy and ignites his imagination that a toy out of a box could never do.

I've learned about the awe of superheroes, and how important it is for little boys (and probably grown men) to feel tough and powerful.

I've learned the power of stickers and how much motivation they provide as prizes.

I've learned that gummy, slobbery smiles are the cutest.

I've learned to pick up toys only once or twice a day and embrace the mess of our lives.

I've learned that baby wise and sleep solutions is full of wonderful knowledge, but it isn't iron clad and on the nights when I find myself rocking my baby for the second time that night, it's ok.  I know that those nights will come to an end, and feeling that tiny hand around my neck is a feeling I will long for one day all too soon. Some of life's sweetest moments are ones that go against a "guide book."

I've learned that rocking my babies is as comforting to me as it is to them.

I've learned there's beauty in the chaos.

I've learned that I feel rejuvenated and giggly after I spend time with my friends or finish a lengthy phone chat with one of them. My girl friends make me happy in a way no one else can.

I've learned to allow more time for heart to hearts mixed with belly laughs.

I've learned that a big hug or encouraging word, always feels good. When you are giving or receiving.

I've learned that I sleep best when I'm touching my husband- even if it's a finger on the top of his head, his presence makes me relax.

I've learned that sleep is soooo nice, but you can achieve a whole lot without much of it.

I've learned that the greatest gifts (true gifts) in life are my family members and I adore them.

I've learned that I've never out grown "wanting my mommy."

I've learned that my sense of smell is one of my favorite senses and smelling a baby's head is one of my favorite all time smells.

I've learned that life and happiness has more to do with attitude than I ever realized.

I've learned that being in pjs with bare feet at home is a comfort that was never taught, but we all have learned.

I've learned that I want to always push myself, grow, be self aware, but I also want to give myself a break. Understand that when I'm goofy, silly, emotional or gush about my family that it's just who I am and who God made me to be. I'm far from perfect but that's OK. I want to truly believe that.

I want to fear and worry about my life and children less and trust God more. I want to be overcome with Peace that comes through Faith.