Saturday, November 26, 2011

A GRAND Thanksgiving

We have several reasons to be thankful this year and we got to celebrate by taking in some of nature's greatest sights. It was some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen and was awestruck at how majestic it all was. I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and my mom has too. She had the idea that this year we shold go away for Thanksgiving and head out west. We went to Sedona, AZ which is where the "red rocks" are, and the painted desert. GORGEOUS, breath-taking views and mountains. We met Uncle Jase, Yaya and their dog, Milo and all stayed in a condo together. It was some good family togetherness time, mixed with a dose of adventure. Franklin, Jason and I got to ride a helicopter which none of us have done before. We also rode on a train through the Verde Valley, hike the Red Rock, "Bell" mountain, walk and shop around uptown Sedona, and made the trip to the south rim of the Grand Canyon on Thanksgiving day. We had a nice lunch at the El Tovar Lodge. We were making some memories that's for sure!

David Franklin LOVED being with his Uncle Jase, Yaya, and Milo. He made travelling so much more fun- really. We would be cranky, tired, anxious, and he'd say "Yay, everyone,'s the rental car!!!" His enthusiasm was contagious and treasured and we would laugh and find ourselves excited about the rental car (which was an expedition that we often crammed 7 people and a dog into!)
He has officially hit the age when he opens his mouth, I have NO idea what is about to come out. None, and it could be something that he's already said 15 times already that day like..."I'm Batman" or it could be a first like asking about an elderly man next to us on the plane, "What's that boy's name?"

And little miss turned 6 months while we were away, and started sitting up all by herself! Cannot believe my baby is 1/2 a year old. Cannot. Believe. It. She had a cruddy nose while we were there but was still the sweetest little thing and is feeling better now. It was her first big trip, and she was a great traveller.
So proud and thankful for these kiddos and how they bless us and make everyday special, and I'm thankful for all of my family and the life we get to experience together. I love the feeling of new and old mixed together, young and old, adventure and tradition, comfortable and unfamiliar. I am thankful for so much this year. Gratitude is the attitude.

P.S. If a picture looks cut off, click on it and the whole pic shows up. I'm not sure why it's doing that.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast 2011

Today at St. Luke's it was the Thanksgiving Feast lunch/program.

I put Nora down for an early nap and then got her all cute and ready. She immediately takes off any hat, bow, flower, I put on her these days to try to eat it. I also made her a warm bottle of breast milk made and got us all there on time. Of course, David Franklin cries when I take him to his class, hates the sweater I made him wear (because he wanted to wear his superman tshirt) and tried to rip it off a million times, and said he forgot the words to the turkey song when I suggested we sing it in the car.

But all things considered, I was feeling pretty good until I felt the backpack I had filled with the video camera, etc was soaking wet. 5oz. Out of a 6 oz bottle had leaked all over everything. Awesome....
Thankfully the video camera was fine, Nora wasn't hungry, and the "program" lasted maybe 15 seconds. It ended up being a lovely little lunch (at 10:00am). Mammers and Mommie Boo got join us too which made it extra special for a boy.

I want to remember the words to the "thanksgiving song" that Mrs. Gaddis basically sang by herself on stage:
"A turkey is a funny bird, it's head goes wobble, wobble. A turkey only knows one word, it's Gobble, Gobble, Gobble. "

Still trying to take that sweater off- on stage!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wild Woman

My girl is on the move these days- she's wild!! I have a scratch on my nose from her literally trying to climb up my face. She ripped off and broke my gold chain necklace. She rolls all over the place and changing her diaper/clothes requires lightening speed before she twists and turns over.
She actually fell off of the changing table two days ago. I was standing right there and got a hand on her but she went off- her top drawer was open so went into the drawer of clothes. No harm done but scared me to death!

She's so close to crawling that I am telling Franklin not to lay her on the floor and I carry her around all day or put her in the excersaucer. It's horrible but once she getting going, she will be gone and I'm not ready for that quite yet... I'd like to her her off until 6 months at least! I think Franklin is right when he says she's our little athlete.

She's also become very interested in her doggie. That sweet, sweet doggie who's getting so white in the face and is so patient with little fingers pulling on her ears. Hard to believe she turned 10 years old on Halloween. Love these children loving on their furry friend.
I just hope Nora stays put a little while longer before she starts joining in the chase!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Smooth Out

I think I'm going to start walking everyday after lunch if this is what it does to my kiddos. This is really how we are all feeling these days at the Bass household...worn out.
Nora hasn't been sleeping the best- I think she's just been over tired and DF's nap is really shortening in length. Last night he had bad dreams so in between both kids I was up around 8 times.
Since I was pregnant with Nora, my prayer has been for the Lord to give me rest when I need rest, and energy when I need energy and He's always provided. Sleep is overrated anyway- right? 😉

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We have a STAR!

Look who's on the 3rd page of the local paper!! It's the little things in life, that make a momma proud :)
Franklin took him out to the Chili Cook Off yesterday. They went to the Summit Bank booth and bounce house slide. The paparazzi caught him snagging a bag of cookies. Big shock there-oh that boy loves sweets like his momma! Franklin said the look of concentration on his face is because the lady told him he could "have one." She meant one bag, but he thought she meant one cookie. Sweetest boy!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Razorback homecoming

We headed up the hill this weekend for a fast and furious visit. We got to take Jack to his first Razorback football game! Nora stayed with Lelly and Pops so it was just us and the boys. They had such a big time and loved the fireworks, music, mascots, cheering, people, and of course the junk food.
It was a great game but Franklin and I were ready to take it to the house at 1/2 time. They sure were cute and fun to watch them and hear DF ask, what's defense? Thankfully, this game we could show him! Go Hogs Go!!