Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween started off with a bang- with an 8:30am trick or treat stop. We went by Great Ann's on the way to the St. Luke's school parade. Candy Galore! Then we made stops at daddy's bank, mommie boo's, and mammers' office all before lunch! We came home for naps and then went down the street for a Halloween party that night. We went trick or treating via hay ride which was the best idea ever!

DF wanted us all to dress up, and he kept saying mommy's going to be "my pal, Robin" so why would I ever turn down that opportunity?! I figure it won't be very often that I get asked to be his best pal so I went for it. He was so excited that we were in character together and I think its the coolest I've ever been in his eyes. He wanted daddy to be "a bad guy" but daddy wasn't feeling the full blown joker costume so we made him a much tamer/less committed version- a joker shirt :)
And batgirl was pretty cute for her first Halloween... Her brother chose her costume for her (obviously). So, we are all the bat family- this morning he said... You are not mommy, and I am not a little boy- we are superheroes! Halloween lives on according to DFB :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Spook-tackular night at HSCC

Last night was the Halloween dinner/haunted clubhouse at the country club. It was our first year to go, and it was so cute. Thankfully the haunted part was pretty mild so DF enjoyed that with no fright. Kids were running everywhere and were so excited! I remembered Halloween as a kid and how much fun it is to dress up with your friends. Although, like all holidays, it seems to be on steroids now and a much bigger event(s) than when I was a kid!

Our little baby leopard was tuckered out for most of it, but she sure was ferocious with that paci in and I pity all of the villains in the spa city with this tough batman on the loose!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

It was the Pumpkin Patch school field trip at St. Luke's on Tuesday and it was big fun! They had hay rides, nature walks, a corn maze, animals, tire swings, and hay tunnels. We packed picnic lunches and it was a gorgeous day to run around on a farm!

I wanted Nora to come too, so she and Great Ann came along which made it much more lively...and fun!

"Precious Moments"

Franklin and I have said the same prayer to/with our kids their whole lives... Truly every single night with few exceptions. It all started with a stuffed "precious moments" angel I got at a baby shower for DFB. When you squeezed it's hands together a sweet little child's voice recording would say:

"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. And angels watch me through the night and keep me in your blessed sight. Amen. "

Franklin would play it over our sleeping baby boy and it's stuck and now we say it to Nora. We've since added extra prayers after it that have included thank you for family members, his pillow pet, his shows, pistachios, etc but the beginning prayer has always stayed the same.

These pics (in their Halloween pjs) were taken right before we all said our "precious moments" prayer and made precious moments of our own.

(nora's face in these are funny to, what is going on??)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

NLB is 5 months old

Not much has changed from month 4 to 5 except- she's really scaring me with how hard she's trying to crawl!! She is rolling all over the place, rocking, and I'm afraid it won't be long. Of course her daddy is proud and thinks this early development indicates her future athletic abilities.

We will also start rice cereal soon!

Someone crashed the photo shoot this month, literally. They both loved it :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Smiley Face

This girl isn't stingy with her smiles these days. She gives them away so freely and I love that about her. She flashes a big one at me first thing in the morning when I go get her out of her crib, and again to her daddy every time he comes home from work. I can almost see his heart melt when she does it to him now.
Here are some big smiles I've caught lately....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Camp David" party

David Franklin had SO much fun at his camping party- he talked about it for weeks before hand and he still talks about it now weeks later. We turned our backyard into "Camp David" and he and his daddy made a sign to hang up by his playground with a wood burner.
We set up tents, go fishing pool, yard games, a small bounce house and had hot dogs, smore kits, dirt cake, face painting, and the kids really seemed to like their flashlight party favors. It was so cute seeing the little boys shining the little beams into the woods as it started getting dark, however not so "cute" having to run after them and keep them from going into the woods at dark!