Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

4 months old

(this is the last month for this isn't snapped in the back and it's a 6 month!)

Well, little Miss is 4 months old today. I am loving the personality that is coming out with this month. She is just so sweet and smiles and laughs easier and easier. We went to the doctor this morning and she is in the 75% in height, weight and head growth. He said she's very symmetrical...that's good I guess!

Height: 25 inches
Weight: 15 lbs. 2 oz
Head: 16 1/2 inches

He also said we can start experimenting with rice cereal when we are ready. She is sleeping good but not as good as she was. She was sleeping like a rock star, actually the opposite of a rock star- more like an old church choir I guess. Anyway, she was sleeping a long time. But now, She is waking in the night off and on. She can be put off with her paci sometimes, but 1/2 of the time she's hungry and wants to nurse. The doctor said since I'm breastfeeding we can't really tell how much she's getting during the day, and she's probably in a growth spurt so to oblige her. We will get it worked out.

-She is a rolling machine- front to back, back to front...all over the floor.
-She likes to be held up right these days and face out, she wants to be included on the conversation!
-She likes her excersaucer and bumbo seat for a little while.
-She is an easy baby but does like to be held in the evenings and if she's going to fuss, that's when it's going to happen. Still loves outside and strolls.
-Loves being in the bjorn facing out! This is her happiest position ever I think. I'm so glad because that is how she is a lot of times when we go to play at the park with DFB's friends.
-She takes 3-4 naps a day. One morning, one afternoon and one cat nap in the late afternoon/evening most days. These vary based on our daily activities but she's good about going down when I lay her in her bed. She likes her bed :)
-Still swaddling but she busts her arms out...not sure what to do about this. We have tried to go to the sleep sack, but she wasn't a fan. I guess we will just ease out of it.
-Starting to drool/put everything and fists in her mouth. I think the teeth will be starting quicker than I'd like.
-Still exclusively breastfed.

I am tyring to be present in this moment and enjoy all my days with my babies...even the sitting in the doctor's office with both kids and in in the middle of meltdown city. There is still no other place I want to be. I am savoring everything and not rushing a bit of it. I love to smell her, rock her, even the spit up and all and do the same with DFB. This is sacred time for me. I even enjoy the late night "growth spurt" feedings, if only I didn't over analyzing them! Happy 4 months precious girl, girl, girl (she loves when we say girl three times).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

1st trip to the dentist!

So, I have been wanting DFB to go to the dentist for a while now. I worry I'm not getting them clean enough and he says, mommy that's too hard. I brush the heck out of my own teeth but have only had 1 cavity in my whole life so it works for me!

We have had our friends peek in his mouth before but yesterday Franklin had an appointment with Dr. Nick, so he told Franklin he could let David F. tag along and get him and let him warm up to it. I wanted to tag along as well, but didn't want to make it too big of a deal and have him get nervous. I would have also had to Nora and I think that would have been too much commotion!!

So off they went, and they were gone a long time...because David Franklin actually got his teeth cleaned! I couldn't believe he sat still long enough to do that!! Franklin said the hygienist said he was the youngest person she'd ever cleaned before, and that she has never done a 3 year old....well, David Franklin isn't even 3 yet! Even though he's only got one more week as a two year old. I am so glad he got a good report and liked going to the dentist. He came home with a new toothbrush and little dinosaurs and anyone that gives him gifts or sweets wins his heart so it was a success ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"I will go Up, Up, Up"

September 10th is David's birthday. He would be 29 years old. On a beautiful Saturday morning, we had his party. The lake was one of his very favorite places to be so went out there. We couldn't steal Colby's boat :), so we went out to the water's edge to eat green cupcakes, and sing happy birthday. We wore green because it was his favorite color. I was in his favorite Patagonia (until it got too hot). We listened to his music, his CDs with his writing on them. We each picked out a balloon and let them fly to heaven. Nora sent the smiley face, and gave her uncle her first smile and DF chose spider man. I think David would have also really liked them both.

David Franklin is really saying some sweet things. He knows lots of stories, and can pick out David in pictures and talks about "uncle David" quite often as we all do. He has some of his toys, pillow cases, and shares his affection for all things to be soft and comfortable. Mom said when David was two, he would run into a room, with his hands up 'Roaring' and my son does the same thing on a weekly basis these days. I'm sure they would have lots of fun together and have a special bond, like he and his Uncle Jase do.

On the day of his birthday, We said we are going to have Uncle David's birthday party and he said, "Oh good, I get to see God. (He thought we were going to Heaven for the party). I said well, we aren't going to Heaven we are just going to send balloons up to send messages to David in Heaven. He said, can we go there sometimes, Mommy? I said not yet. And He then said, I will just hold on to that balloon and go up, up, up." It was so precious, the innocent desire to go to Heaven to be with our loved ones. It made me think of my desire to go up, up, up, and it made me miss my Mam and Pap and Aunt Lois so much. I sure wish they could have met my precious children, but they are still quite alive through our stories. In fact, David Franklin asks for stories about Glenwood all the time, which inevitably include Mam or Pap. It made me think of the old, sweet hymn "When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be. When we all see Jesus, we'll sing and shout the victory."

I've thought lots about Heaven and who is there, especially while watching all of this 9/11 coverage. I remember David and I's joint bday party at Grubs when I turned 21 this very week, 10 years ago. And I'm sad to say, that even though I was a junior in college and old enough to understand, I didn't fully get the impact of 9/11 and the significance of it's loss. Now I weep while watching what happened. Heaven is filled with many amazing people and after reading Heaven is for Real, I think of Heaven as fondly as David Franklin. As Cassie said, maybe he's met Jennings and they are Bar-B-Qing and calling the Hogs together. Maybe so, who knows, but I know that a birthday spent there, whether recognized or not, has to be a special day. We sure enjoyed celebrating his life here, and all things David yesterday.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day weekend review:

This is one happy boy!!

Bella looks a little jealous, she likes to take her naps on Mammers!

It feels so good out here, I'll just stand on my head!

Park time with Huddy

Bubble Bath party with BFF Avery McBride!

Watching the Razorback game with buddy Will Eldridge

Babies Henry and Nora had a playdate too!

Nora was out during most of Adalie's swim party

....but big brother had enough fun for both of them!

Getting some hugs in with cutie pie Kate VanBebber at Adalie's swim party

Some tummy time which equals roll over/spit up time these days

Look who climbed up in her crib and pretended to be asleep in there.

The boys played dress up in Daddy Uh-oh's hats

Nora helped do a little work on the computer

Some snuggle time in the big bed :)

Man oh man, did we get some good time with friends and family on this long holiday weekend, and it's not even over! It was a really nice mix of fun and relaxation! Happy Labor Day everyone!