Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Over the weekend the Grandpas got to work on this boy...

In Fayetteville, my dad discovered that David Franklin couldn't really ride a tricycle. He just hasn't shown much intrest and rides his tractor or runs and plays instead and I haven't forced it. Well Pops did, but it got him to ride a bike and push the pedals all by himself. I didn't get any pics because I walked up ahead so softy Mommy wouldn't let him off the bike when he whinned and fussed and wanted to ditch it on the side of the street.

And Grandpa really worked with him at the pool. We haven't done swim lessons this year because with a new baby, I just thought I'd save my money and my time and wait until next year. There is a lady who is supposed to be phenomal but only takes them when they are 3. He isn't afraid of the water but doesn't like to go under much, and the whole holding your breath thing wasn't clicking and he'd end up drinking a lot of water. Until now that is... Grandpa tossed the swim ring and got him going under, blowing bubbles, holding his breath and was doing kicking drills and had this boy truly swiming on his own more than he's ever done! It was a good learning weekend for DFB. Grandpas can teach in ways Mommas can't- or won't.

Monday, July 25, 2011

"2 months old"

When people would ask David Franklin how old he was he would say "2 months old" instead of two years for quite a long time. It was pretty funny the reaction he got. Well, right now he's 2 1/2 years old and Nora is actually 2 months old.

Our doctor's appointment is late because our doctor is on vacation this week so I don't have new stats yet but she is growing like a weed and her little smile is getting easier and easier to get out of her and is heart meltingly sweet.

She's still a great little sleeper but we are getting ready to do some adjusting with that, like out of the nap nappy and perhaps in her crib in her room pretty soon. We'll see.

I'm also chugging right along with the no dairy and it's a killer, I'm not going to lie. But I have found some good things, like no dairy margarine and almond milk, which is actaully delicious. There is also a new vegan restaraunt in town that is wonderful so it is possible for me to keep going. She is pretty sensetive so I can't cheat much and actually in some ways I think soy formula might actually be better for her. I've been told that she may not even have reflux, and this could all be allergy related and she's still getting traces of it through my milk. I obviously want to do what's best for her. I will talk to the doctor about it at her appointment and see what he says. As of right now, my new goal is to breast feed her exclusively for 3 months and I'm pumping everyday so that I can hopefully stretch it out a little further with that even when I quit. I'm not throwing in the towel yet!!

She's the sweetest little thing and these past two months have been wonderful. I was so nervous before she came about having two children and the juggling act, but the adjustment has been easier than I thought it may be. We feel beyond lucky to have her in our lives and it's hard to imagine her not being around before.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Evening swim

Sunday night we headed to the country club pool for an evening swim, cocktail, and snack bar dinner with the Herndons. Nora finally got to take her first dip in the water, or her toes anyway. David Franklin was very disappointed I wouldn't let her go so she could swim with him- that would have been something!

Friday, July 15, 2011

His "own playground!"

Here he is taking his first test drive down the slide!

Franklin and our handyman friend, Mr. David Wilson, have been working all week to put together a swing set for our backyard. I have wanted one for some time but we have a sloped lot and I wasn't sure it was possible. As soon as Mr. David checked it out and gave it the thumbs up it was a go. Mommie Boo treated our kiddos to an early Christmas/Birthday and I have a little boy who could not be happier... He told his teacher "I have my very own playground in my backyard!!" He screamed it so enthusiastically it took her a minute to understand what he said. Thank you Mommie Boo!!!! We are thrilled to have our own playground- now everyone come over and let's PLAY!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

You might be a redneck if

Nora flashing us a little smile the first time in her swimsuit- thinking she was going to go for a dip....

How Nora spent her time at the river- asleep in her car seat under a mosquito net had the weekend we did!

We went to Magic Springs on Saturday! There was a Blake Shelton concert and Blane Howard, a Hot Springs boy, was opening for him so we wanted to go see him and show our support. Our plan was to go a couple of hours before the concert and take David Franklin with us. We thought we'd beat the heat and let him go on some rides and then my mom, who had Nora, would come and pick him up and Franklin and I would have an adult night with our friends for the concert portion. That did not happen....The Voice must have really helped Blake's career because the park was jam packed and traffic was standstill. We decided not to make my mom sit and wait in it with Nora so DF got to stay for his first concert! We didn't stay too long into Blake's because our little boy was worn out but it was really fun. Blake said at the beginning of the show, "I've never seen so many hillbillies crammed into one place before," and that was the truth. There were some char-ac-ters, but we were happy to be with them. Magic Springs is no Six Flags, but it's pretty neat that we can just run up there for a few hours and have some theme park fun. I'm appreciating little things like that about Hot Springs and enjoy raising a family here more and more.... I never thought I'd say that OR want to live here when I was in high school! Another example of how kids change everything.

DF loved the kiddie rides and we went down the log ride too- the Magic Springs staple. He won a little toy playing skee ball, ate blue ice cream and fed the gigantic catfish in the pond. He did not want to go home and wanted to keep going on the different rides. We didn't do the water park this time but he had his eye on the lazy river in a big way so we will have to go back!

Today, after early church we threw on our grubby swimsuits, packed up a little PB&J picnic and headed to Glenwood to swim in the Caddo River. That is where my mom grew up and DF hears stories about swimming in the Caddo all the time. He wanted to go, so off we went. The swimming hole was hopping with people and some young boys even jumped off the bridge into the water- sooo scary!! So there we were wading in the water, with the hillbillies once again! Ain't life grand!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I scream for Ice Cream

Because it's off limits for me and sister sue. We found out on Thursday that Nora has a dairy allergy! She had what I was calling baby acne for about a week. I was sad for her, but googled it and read about it and every website said wash with soap and water and just be patient. I just thought I needed to get over it and pray for her when she turned 15 :)

But Wednesday night, it was terrible and bumps were literally all over her face and moving up her head and around her ears. She looked awful. My mom told me, "Honey, I don't think this is acne, I think it's a rash." She was right, I made an appointment the next day and was told that it was an eczema flare up due to what he thought was a dairy allergy. Since I'm breastfeeding, that meant I needed to cut it out of my diet. This was a little shocking for me to hear, since I ate a string cheese before I walked out the door. Sadly I eat mostly dairy and carbs so I was panicking a little bit. Still am actually. I went to the grocery store and walked around with my head cut off- dairy is in EVERYTHING and I've developed quite the sweet tooth with my pregnancy. No chocolate, no butter, no cakes, no ranch, no ice cream, no CHEESE! I bought soy everything and have cut out dairy for two days so far. It's been rough, I'm not going to lie, but I am going to give it my best try. I would not do this for many people- but this little angel girl is pretty special and worth it. Poor thing was still sleeping great and even smiling through the whole thing.
Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's JULY already?!

Randi brought Nora her first tutu and matching 4th of July shirts for her and Lilly. They were pretty cute, and of course big brother couldn't be left out!

Summer is FLYING by! It's really going too fast. We have had a wonderful few weeks. We have had lots of family in- Jason and Lauren were here to meet Nora, and then Rebecca and Brenden and Ryan came in to see Mommie Boo and celebrate her 87th birthday. We had a really great birthday party for her at the country club. We also got to spend some good time with several of our best friends from out of town this holiday weekend. David Franklin didn't know what to do with himself because he got to play and swim with so many friends at the lake and pool parties. He had a hard time settling down last night and kept asking for his new crush, Lilly :) When we said she had to go home he kept asking "but why?"

David Franklin and I also went on a double date to see Cars 2 last week with Sam and Cassie. They liked the movie, but liked the coke and popcorn the most. It was really cute, I laughed out loud at some points.

On the news front- Nora is doing well. She is a good little baby- really growing and filling out! She still sleeps in the nap nanny in the pack n play in our room and the night I was going to try to x that out- she threw up and choked so we are just going on slow motion on getting her to her own room. She slept 8 hours one night this weekend though, so it's working for us and I'm really in no rush.

Another new development is that David Franklin's "Night Night" (little white blanket you see in lots of pictures) is missing. This is his security and he's been SUPER attached to it...takes every nap with it and sleeps with it every night for pretty much his whole life. When he trips and falls he asks for "ni-ni". He has gone one night without it so far and seems to be ok, but if we don't find it, this is a major milestone in his life. And one I must say, he's handled very well.

I've been HORRIBLE about taking pictures lately and have to do a better job. I've just been whipping out my phone- when I have an extra hand but I'll do a whole photo shoot with Nora pretty soon :)