Sunday, May 29, 2011

sweet 1st days as a family of 4

I thought that foot on the left was little until 6 days ago!

BUT that's little!

DF's new swing brings BIG smiles

Nora is named after Mommie Boo's mother.

Life is pretty sweet right now. Nora and I haven't left the house all week and we've had a very lazy memorial weekend. The weather is beautiful so we've been outside watching Daddy and big brother play this morning. Not to mention, the sunlight helps with the little jaundice she has. David Franklin hasn't been home all the time with us, he's had lots of play time at Mammers' house and Meme and Grandpa's with his cousins, Mommie Boo, and Aunt Robbie. He's played so hard and has had such a smooth transition so far. This whole week has been such an answer to prayer. God has truly been SO good to us.

We are actually getting rest too! We've had to set an alarm to wake her up to feed her a few nights! Not sure how long that will last but thankful for those few nights anyway. I am loving these days with the four of us home together and wish I could press pause in time. I know these baby days fly by and I'm soaking up every little gurgle noise and snuggle.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's a GIRL!

These pictures are in opposite order from checking into the hospital to coming home- sorry.

The mystery is's a girl!! Bring on the pink, ruffles and bows! We had our beautiful baby girl on Monday, May 23rd at 12:09pm. She weighed 7 lbs. 5oz and was 19 inches long. She is healthy and an absolute dream baby and we are simply overjoyed by her arrival. It was also SO much fun keeping it a surprise, we are now believers. It was hard not to know, and starting to really kill me at the end when I was nesting and wanting to shop, but it's been so worth the wait. The energy in the delivery room was amazing and it has made the whole experience extra special. The doctor covered her parts and then dropped it for the big announcement and reveal. Although I must say that David Franklin's was magical too and equally special. My labor and delivery went so well; I checked into the hospital at 5:30 at a 3, by 7:00 I'd seen the doctor and he'd broken my water, by 8:00 I had my epidural and was having contractions 2 minutes apart, by 11:00 I was at a 6, and then it went REALLY fast and she was here in an hour.

We are at home and still adjusting to being a family of 4. I'm still recovering but we are all doing really well. Big brother couldn't be prouder of his new baby sister. He got to take suckers to school that said his sister's name on them and he loves to hand them out to everyone who comes to visit. He always asks to see "his baby" and can't get close enough. He loves her so much that he makes me pretty nervous. He has tried to feed her a Cheezit, climb in her pack n play, touch her eyes, hug her face (with his whole body), he wants to be right beside her at all times. I'm so glad that he's so smitten with her. We've had lots of help, visitors, meals, and we appreciate all of the love. Truly, truly, thank you!!! Cloud 9 is a pretty nice place to be.

Friday, May 20, 2011

What's old is new

Meme found a ton of Franklin's old books from when he was a little boy. Franklin read several last night and it was so cute to see them both enjoying their new/old books.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jr. Handstand King

David Franklin has gymnastics at school and today was their program and awards. They went through their whole routine which had lots of songs and wiggle dance moves. At the end they stood on the podium and received their medals and awards. David F. got Jr. Handstand King Award because apparently that is what he always wants to do. He was pretty proud and kept saying "watch me mommy." He also wanted the spotlight and would go up to the podium when a couple of the other kids were up there and say "my turn"- trying to steal their thunder. The boy likes attention, but he would clap and cheer for the other kids, too.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Family Fun

this is usually how I end a hole of putt putt too- just putting it in the hole.

Haha! Meme was NOT drinking beer, just picking up the trash. Just noticed that in this picture.

These boys are all only a couple months apart

We took David Franklin to play Putt-Putt golf for the first time. It is really a nice place at Pirate's Cove. The last time I was there, I was on a double date my sophomore year of high school- wow! What a totally different experience!

We breezed through that course (which was fine with me). He was to interested in the next hole, hill, waterfall, or tunnel, that he could barely finish, or rather wait on Franklin to finish the hole we were on. It was a fun family night though that ended with Chinese food.

We've also been on a boat ride, had playdates, went to a birthday party, and have been enjoying our family and friends time. We will be trying to pack even more of it in this week, all while going to bed early and get some good ZZZs while we can!

Friday, May 13, 2011


New baby brother or sister will be joining us very soon. I know the ticker on the blog says 16 days but really it's only 10! At my last doctor's appointment, he decided to schedule our day to induce- Monday, May 23rd. He said if not sooner and Franklin thinks it will be before then, but I don't. I think May 23rd it is. I am happy with the date because David F. was born on October 3. He's the 3rd, Baby number two is the 2-3rd. Very appropriate I think- and easy for a mama to remember.

We have also finally decided on our baby names. I am pretty hard set on only using family names and I like old fashioned ones. We wanted to pull from different sides of our families since David Franklin both came from our dads' sides of the family. David (my dad) and Franklin(Franklin's dad). After naming David Franklin a name so rich in history and meaning, I didn't want to slight the second one.

The Ligons are very important in my life, and I couldn't pick just one that I wanted to honor so Ligon was an easy choice because it's gets them all. Ligon is my mom's maiden name so it's after her, Mam-Maw, Pap-Paw, Aunt Lois and my brother Jason, as his name is Jason Ligon Morphew. I'm thrilled with it and so is Franklin. He has met and had relationships with all of them and now enjoys working on Pap-Paw's farm so he's proud of the Ligon, too.

We've had _____ Ligon Bass for a while for either boy or girl, but the first names were harder, not to mention pretty important!!

We have decided for a boy it will be Charles "Charlie" Ligon Bass. That is after Franklin's grandfather, Mitzi's dad, Charles "Charlie" Eugene Watson. He was a great man, a strong man, an extremely hard worker, and one that Franklin admired and loved for many reasons. We think this name is a classic and one that will stand the test of time and remind us of people we love. I also think it sounds really friendly. I would want to be friends with Charlie Bass.

We have decided for a girl the name will be Nora Ligon Bass. Nora Bernice Cook Sparkman is Franklin's great grandmother, or how he refers to her "Corpus Mimi." This is Mommie Boo's mother and she also was a fine Christian woman who worked hard, and cared for and loved her family deeply. It is also through her that Franklin was introduced to Sparkman Ranch in George West, Texas. This place is VERY dear to his heart. We think it's a beautiful, classic old name that isn't too common, and would be cute as a little girl and sophisticated as an adult. I think a Nora Bass would be pretty irresistable, to us all :)

So....what bun is in this oven and who's been baking in there?? Charlie or Nora? I'm so excited to find out I can hardly stand it! It sounds strange but David Franklin has been saying for months when people ask him about if he wants a boy or a girl- "both." He now does it because he gets a laugh out of everyone when he says it. I have now thought about the possibility of a girl and a boy for so long that I am kind of with DFB, and I want both. I have visions of Charlie and visions of Nora and have pictured life with either of them and now I kind of want them both. I know there is only one baby in there and I don't mean I want twins....don't get me wrong. It's just he likes boys and girls, he likes them both and it doesn't matter to him. That's how I feel, too. Maybe David Franklin's response should have been mine all along. (Although instead of making people laugh, they would probably think I'm crazy). I want both, I want either, I want this exact baby that I've carried, whomever it may be. I'm already in love. Pink or blue, I like them BOTH.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

(Not the best pic of any of us, but it was at the end of a long day)

The stepping stones that we made as gifts with our crafty friends- they were a hit!

37 weeks

Mother's Day was yesterday and I have been truly blessed with phenomenal women in my life. My own mother blesses me everyday through her love and encouragement and support. She has always sacrificed herself for her children and she still does so to this day and it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. My grandmothers have both taught me so much in very different ways. My Mam-maw to work hard, get an education, and love the Lord and your family fiercely. My Grands Ellen, to laugh and embrace yourself, and enjoy life and all of the beautiful (and glitzy) things in it. My Step-Mom and Mother in Law are both loving, incredible women that I am lucky to have to lean on and ask questions to, and get advice. God really knocked it out of the park as far as the ladies go in my world and I love them all!

Being a mother is such an honor and a privilege and I treasure motherhood. I know it's such an important and delicate role and I pray that I can do the best job I can for David Franklin and for the new baby. I have never felt more like a mother than when I am carrying a new life, so this one is extra special being SO pregnant.
Happy Mother's Day to all of my beautiful Mama friends out there!!

Lazy family day

Yesterday Franklin was taking David Franklin to the farm and at the last minute, I got invited. Boy was I glad I went. Not only because I caught the biggest fish, WAAAAY bigger than Franklin's :), but it was a fun, relaxing day spent together as family. Every time I go to Glenwood or the farm I can't help but reminisce about my grandparents and my childhood. It's really something that David Franklin now gets to make similar memories there as well.
We had a picnic, fished, they took a spin on the tractor, and then we took a new way home which ended up in us driving around some bumpy country roads just talking and taking it slow on our way home while DF napped. Then we watched the Kentucky Derby and finished the day with a sunset cruise on the lake with Meggie and Chad and Brendy. It was a great Saturday.

Friday, May 6, 2011

First Movie Date

Today I decided that I wanted to take David Franklin to his first movie. I am trying to pack in some quality one on one time with him before my hands get really full and new baby gets here! We went to see the matinee of Rio. He did great, and sat through the whole thing but did not want to wear the 3D glasses so he saw a somewhat blurry version. He loved the popcorn and danced through every song. There were some kids behind us and if he heard them laugh, he would fake laugh too. I'm not sure he really got that much of the movie, but he liked the birds and the dancing. It was a great first date and I hope we have many more! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.