Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crawfish Salute and Easter!

A group hug/huddle with David's friends and mom :)

Several of David's high school and college friends with mom

The crawfish race

This was a really big weekend for our family. The Hat Club of Little Rock had their annual Crawfish Salute and this year's honoree was David. The charity that it was benefiting is Big Brothers and Big Sisters. We think David would have really liked that since he had a love for children and loved teaching them tennis. We felt so honored and touched that they selected David as their honoree. We were also moved by how many of our friends and David's that came to support this cause and event. The Hat Club did such a great job of throwing a wonderful event but also making us feel so special. They are such an impressive group of guys and do great work!

Today is Easter and we celebrated big! The Easter bunny came to our house and we opened his presents this morning. David Franklin said "but I didn't see him anywhere." :) Then we went to early church, home for an attempted and unsuccessful nap and then to the club for lunch with Meme, Grandpa, Mommie Boo (who as of Monday is an Arkansan and has moved to Hot Springs which we are thrilled about it), the Vaughts, and Mammers. Then we went back to Mammers house for an Egg Hunt, hitting the pinata, and eating of the bunny cake that DF helped decorate and cupcakes. Our bellies are full of chocolate and sugar this afternoon!

We are most thankful for God's ultimate gift of life everlasting and Jesus' sacrifice for us. It is neat that these events fell of the same weekend. As we miss David, what hope we have because of the Resurrection, of getting to Heaven and seeing our loved ones again.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

School Easter Party

We've been very busy lately but I've been horrible at taking any pictures and/or blogging. I'm just pooped at the end of the day!

We have had lots of fun with our friends, went to the Arkansas Derby- which I picked and won for win, place and show with 25-1 odds!! The bank, bunco girls, and our home group have all had little showers for us which has been so nice! Last night it was a surprise at Home Group! We even made a quick trip up to Fayetteville to visit the Johnson's.

Today was the Easter Egg hunt and party at St. Luke's. The Easter Egg hunt was moved inside due to the weather, but it didn't take away from the fun at all! I forgot my camera but decided to whip out the phone for some pics. As we were driving home, DF was asking for more candy and chocolate bunnies. I told him not too much more and he asked why not. I told him that because when we eat too much candy our bellies get big and can give us tummy aches. He said, "Like yours, Mama?" I guess he thinks I've been eating waaaay to much candy lately! There is some truth to that since I almost spit out the rice crispy treat I stole out of his Easter basket laughing so hard...

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Things got a little goofy on our last day and somehow Franklin turned into a Mer-Man!

Always on the run out there!

We went on our "last hurrah" trip to Destin last week before we are locked down pretty close to home until this baby comes. The beach and ocean were gorgeous, I had forgotten how pretty it is and how much I love the water! We went with the Herndons and the Choates. It was so much fun for the boys to have playmates at the beach and fun for us to have grown up time too! The guys went deep sea fishing one day and Franklin LOVED it. He caught a red snapper and was realing it in, but a shark ate it off of his line! So the trophy fish got eaten by a shark, but he still had the head as proof. Pictures to come.

It's been hard being back at home for David Franklin because he doesn't understand that the beach is far away and we can't just go there like we do the playground. He's been asking to go to the beach CONSTANTLY! A sandbox may need to be in his future.

We took it pretty easy and I didn't that get many pictures, and we didnt' get a big group shot :( I was doing good just getting there 8 months pregnant and chasing a two year old though. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of happy memories and are so thankful we got to go!