Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We had some new family of 3 pictures taken before our family grows. Here are a few of my favorites, ok a lot of my favorites... I had a hard time cutting them down. Crazy that in two short months or less, we will be a family of four!

I'm not really a fan of "maternity" photos, especially when I'm the one pregnant in them, but there is something so sweet and special about them with an older sibling. David Franklin is loving my belly and wants to lay his head on it so often, I couldn't resist. He also sees baby toys and blankets and tries to give them to "our baby, mama."

Since we are keeping this baby's sex a surprise, I keep getting lots of questions on if this pregnancy is different than my first. The answer is yes, but not drastically. It's been an easy pregnancy,and so was my first, thank the good Lord. I'm not convinced that the differences are because it's a girl or boy, but because it's a different baby. They analyze how I'm carrying and ask how I carried before. I don't know if my memory is just shot, but I don't' think they are too different. I looked back at pics when I was 32 weeks and it doesn't look that different to me as far as high or low. I may be a little pointier this time :)

I know that this baby is the one God wants us to have and it's the one I want and can't wait to meet. Some days I think it's a girl, and other days I think it's a boy. I really don't know and I really don't care what the sex is but it is getting harder not knowing I will admit!! I'm starting to want to nest and it's tough not being able to shop and plan! Oh well, planning is overrated.

I can't believe how big my boy is getting and I'm getting pretty sentimental about that. I just keep looking at him and thinking he's my baby but he's growing so fast and learning so much everyday. Questions GALORE- poetic justice Jason and my mom say because they say I asked a gazillion questions as a child. His mind is trying to process everything and it's so fun to watch but I don't want it to happen too quickly and lose that baby innocence too soon. He is such pure joy and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. Ok, better wrap it up, the hormones must be at healthy levels this afternoon :)

He's my boy. I make him say "always, always mama's boy." :)

These last pics are just so our lives right with daddy, pottying all the time and everywhere, he wants to see the baby (my belly), and he loves to have "group hugs."

Going outside is SO much more fun than on a potty! Although pretty sure it's frowned upon at a national park.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break Staycation

It's been a nice Spring Break week.

DF and I have had many adventures together; Mid America, Entergy Park, HSCC park, Garvan Gardens, play dates and cookouts with friends, read many a book, played many games, and I have soaked up all of my one on one time with him. I know those days are numbered and they are so special to me. He's been really loving on me and wanting his mama and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. He's been just screaming out Mama and running into the room, looking for me. It scares me a little at first but he seems to just want a hug and then he's off again.

The Hurtados came over for dinner Thursday night. We couldn't resist taking belly pics together. Our due dates are about two weeks apart. It is crazy to be pregnant again with my very oldest friend. We took the boys to Garvan Gardens on Friday morning; it was the coldest day of the week but, oh well. We were wearing out because they both wanted us to carry them and we didn't bring strollers. We had to hitch a ride from a golf cart driver and that saved the day!

The choo choo trains were the biggest hit for them by far, who cares about all of the different colored tulips!

The week is ending with a bang--we are having a big girls weekend at the races for Blaine's Bachelorette. I've been looking forward to it for a long time :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mid-America Museum

We braved Mid-America Museum this morning with Meme and the Vaught kids. Thank goodness we went early because tons of people were showing up as we were leaving, like bus loads. There really were lots of cool exhibits, some were even the same as when I was a kid!

The kids had a ball and loved it! We finished with lunch at the very special, "Old McDonald's" and then came home for much needed naps- for both of us!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Wonder Place and Art Project

Yesterday we went to Little Rock to the Wonder Place (a DF fave) for Sam Hurtado's 2nd Birthday party. It was a little late because his original party in February was snowed out. The kids all had such a good time!! The sand table was a hit! They got to paint their own toy cars, and of course had cake and ice cream. David Franklin had so much fun, we weren't even out of the parking lot and he said, "thank you for taking me to Sam's party, Mama."

The birthday boy in his fire fighter hat, that he did not remove the whole party :)

On Thursday Mrs. Ann came to St. Luke's to do an art project with David Franklin's class to be sold at the school fundraiser/ spaghetti supper in April. Mrs. Ann is an artist and she works at the college with Mammers. They worked with clay and put their thumb prints in small pieces of it. Mrs. Ann will take all of the children's work and turn in into a beautiful mosaic to be auctioned off. The kiddos did great and DFB thought it was pretty cool to have his special visitors come to his class!

DF and Mrs. Ann being silly afterwards!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


(please excuse the bed head, snack time was after a very long nap today).

David Franklin had a first today, or at least that I know about. Oreo cookies. Enough said. I taught him how to dunk them into the milk. Awww, so good! At first he said, "it's wet" but after the first taste, it was all over. Then he was saying "more, and delicious!" He also discovered the cream filling and asked me if it was ice cream. He liked digging it out with his fingers. Coincidentally my mom asked him what we are going to call this new baby today and he answered, Cookie. I kind of like it, and it's a lot cuter than just calling it "it." So, cookie it is. At least until it comes out.