Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It's Franklin's birthday so we surprised him this morning by making him breakfast! He had said recently that he loves blueberry muffins and doesn't get them very often so....that's what was on the menu today. I had a great helper, as long as he could watch Little Einsteins while he stirred and lick the bowl. :) We had our own little birthday party this morning and DF helped blow out the candle on the muffin, which was more spit than air, but was hilarious. I'm glad I didn't take him shopping with me because I've learned that he cannot keep a secret. When Franklin got home from work yesterday, he said "I have a birthday cake for you. I got it at the ice cream shop, it's in the deep freeze."
1. I didn't know he saw me put it in there.
2. I had NO idea he knew what the deep freeze was!

Happy Birthday to you, Franklin! We love you and hope you have a great day and year. We are so thankful for you and all you do for us!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our new obsession...

the iPad! Whoa, I knew it was cool but I wasn't expecting it to be this cool! Franklin and I aren't the most tech savvy people, at all. We don't have kindles. We just got our first camcorder. We have one flat screen in the house with HDTV, and we just got a blue ray player because our one dvd player kicked the bucket after 10 years. It was one I bought for him one Christmas in college as a present. (That makes us sound so old and like we've been together forever!)

But, Aunt Robbie got us an iPad for Christmas and it just came in! We all LOVE it and it truly is for the whole family- it is really going to teach us a lot about sharing. I hope we can set good examples. We downloaded some apps for David Franklin and I almost had to pull it from his hands he loved it so much. Thanks Robbie!!! We feel so hip :)

(Any good app suggestions appreciated!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pregnancy Midway Point Update

So it is high time I document this pregnancy. This one seems to be going so smoothly and flying by...thank you Lord! I am teaching all the way through this time- my finals are the first week in May and then it's on. So far so good in the classroom, but I always have snacks on hand and did ask for a stool to be placed in my room. I have to sit on it sometimes and rest a minute. I'm afraid I will be parked on it for good pretty soon.

Here are my pregnancy stats so far:
I am 22 weeks. Baby Bass is the size of a spaghetti squash. I am in maternity pants, or leggings and sweats, but everything else is regular. I am starting to show and the belly is absolutely there, although in some clothes you can't see it at all. I am feeling really good. Starting to feel more pregnant now in terms of getting around, but not bad. I'm not going to yoga like I did the first time but I'm walking/hiking weekly, and chasing DFB is exercise! Worst symptom at this point, the frequency I have to use the bathroom. Best pregnancy symptom, feeling the baby move more and more. What I miss- red wine! I am not having any certain cravings although my appetite has really picked up lately. I have gained 4 lbs so far, but I go back soon and I'm sure that's gone up! David Franklin is warming up to the baby idea. If you ask him if he wants a baby brother or a baby sister he says, both :) We are not going to find out the sex but that was harder than I thought! I truly almost cracked at the ultrasound, but held strong. We have no names picked out yet...we are open to suggestions... but are working on that all the time. I like to use family names (obviously), if only all of my favorites were on that list!

My current project is decorating David Franklin's big boy room. We are moving him to the guest room beside his room and leaving the nursery furniture in his current room. We want to get that put together and him settled before I start with the crib bedding and nursery. Since it's gender neutral I am using lots of creams and chocolate brown. I figure we can add pink or blue later. I hope it will be very soothing and serene. I would also love to have David Franklin potty trained before this baby comes. He has a little activity on the potty, but really not much interest at all. He gets the concept but when you ask him if he wants to us the potty, he says "no thank you." At least he's polite. I have been reading on the 3 day program and may attempt that at some point. I'm not pushing anything yet, just keep asking and planting those seeds. We will see....

We are really excited about this baby coming!! I feel like I haven't shown that enough. I don't want this peanut to feel neglected, I don't have stickers on the pregnancy calender, I don't have gobs of ultrasound pictures, and I've honestly never cracked my What to Expect book (although I do have the app on my phone and refer to that). I am starting to think and dream about what it will be like having a little baby in the house again, and although I have seen this movie before, and I know how hard it will be, I also know it will be so amazing and I'm thrilled to meet this baby and feel so blessed to be adding to our family!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Dad!!

Throwing rocks into the creek- the only pic I got but look at that smile on David Franklin.

Franklin was off from work today, and I have loved us all being together, but it has really left me with one conclusion...he would be a great stay at home parent! Although, he disagrees :)

Here's the Top 5 List of Why:

5.)This morning, he cooked us bacon and eggs and brought it to us while DF and I were on the pallet he made for us in the living room while we watched cartoons. (The hottest breakfast I provide is comes out of the toaster).

4.) We went on an "adventure." We went downtown and walked by the bathouses and around Whittington park. It was an icky day, but that didn't stop us from our grand adventure! We stopped in Bubbaloo's for cookies and hot chocolate too- score another one for dad.

3.) When DF started to cry or fuss, Franklin simply said stop crying and whaa-laa, he stops. It's amazing. When I say stop crying, it gets worse!

4.) He's currently at the grocery store, and even took the dog along.

drum roll please......

5.) He got DF to poo poo on the potty- twice in 45 minutes!!! Something I've been trying to achieve for months with no success.

That was really the kicker for me!!! I couldn't believe it. Go DADDY!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days 2011

First time he would try hot chocolate and he loved it. It's making him cross-eyed in this pic :)

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go....

Franklin left for Texas on Saturday and we knew the snow was coming so DFB and I loaded up and headed to Mammers. It's not that I'm scared, or don't think that I can't do it alone, I simply just get lonely and knew I'd go to stir crazy snowed in. Plus it doesn't hurt to have someone cook all of our meals for us and taking care of both of us. Getting waited on isn't too bad at 20 weeks pregnant :) Thanks Mammers, we love you.

Here are some of our pics from our snow days. (I didn't have my camera so these are all from my phone, which is why they aren't that great.) We played and played. The attention span of a two year old was challenging and he wanted to go outside, then inside, outside and inside, and repeat. Taking layers on and off over and over was wearing me out, and mittens or gloves were impossible to keep on his hands. But it was worth it. We went up the hill to play with the McBrides. Mammers kept the sleds we had when I was a kid and they still work like a charm. We only went down mild hills, nothing to steep but it was a blast. We rode on a 4 wheeler and dug in the snow. A snowman was never made however, a certain little boy would knock down any snowball with the slightest amount of size. We had hot chocolate, we made snow ice cream, and really enjoyed this rare opportunity for snow fun. When we weren't outside, we were either eating or watching movies. It was a big vacation for us, DF even ate chocolate snow ice cream for breakfast this morning!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

We have had a wonderful 2010, yet we are really looking forward to 2011. Especially since this is the year of our new baby being born! Less than 5 months away! This pregnancy seems to be going by SO much faster than the first one. We go to the doctor on Tuesday and we get our 20 week ultrasound, but we have decided to keep the sex a surprise and not find out. It is getting harder not knowing but I think it will be a lot of fun when the baby is born to hear "It's a _____!" for the first time when we actually meet our child. Amazing!

We went to The Wonder Place in Little Rock with the Vaughts and had a great day! Other than that we've been just hanging out, playing with friends, and enjoying our break. I go back to school on the 13th, so I've still got more vacation time! The perks of a college schedule, I think I will always think of the calender year in terms of semesters. Poor Franklin has had one 1/2 day off- Christmas Eve. He's been working the whole time and does not enjoy such a schedule. He is taking DF to the farm today for a Daddy/David F. outing and I think they will both really enjoy it.

Happy New Year everyone! I haven't given much time to reflection upon this year if I'm being honest. I'm really trying to live in the present and soak up the here and now. I know it's good to reflect and set new goals for the future, but I also know that the days go by slowly, and the years go by quickly with little ones and I just don't want to miss anything.

Like this morning, DF was helping his daddy cook breakfast (putting pop tarts in the toaster) and I walked in and he said "Mommy, what would you like to" Obviously, we do not drink beer in the mornings. I'm not drinking at all, but I guess he's learned a new word and he wants to try it out. SO FUNNY! He has also called the new baby in my tummy an angel, which I thought was so sweet until he said, it flew away. Good thing we've got some more time to work on this whole baby idea.