Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Nora's first Christmas :) What a sweet time, and good day, although I did a pitiful job of taking pictures. I was busy playing videographer, which I didn't do very well at either.

We had 4 celebrations on Christmas day and were worn out by the end of it all...
Santa Claus came to our house and Mammers, Uncle Jason, and Yaya wanted to be here when DF saw his gifts so our first celebration started about 6:30am.  We had breakfast here and then a late lunch at Mom's with the Ligon crew.  We then went straight to Meme and Grandpa's for Christmas dinner with them, the Vaughts, and Mommie Boo and Robbie.  After a quick stop by the Barnett's we came home and crashed.  So much food, so much family, so much fun!  What a wonderful year 2011 has been, highlighted by the birth of our beautiful baby girl.  She was absolutely clueless this year, but her brother has never been more in tune with it all.  It was a magical time to him, and we all felt the magic because of him!

Nora and Grandpa were pooped from all of the fun...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas on The Johnson Farm

We went up the weekend before Christmas to have the Johnson family christmas at the farm on the Mulberry creek in NWA.  It's their first year to have the place and it is really a cute cabin with no cell service, or electronics other than a stereo.  It was nice to all "unplug" literally and enjoy country living....
We shot skeet, went to the tiny town of Oark's christmas parade, the men had a quail hunt and they fried that up for dinner.  They had a cute christmas tree that they cut down off of the land and it was so charming and cozy inside.  It was like going back in time.  We all had a wonderful time, with the execption of a pretty nasty cold we all came down with.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

7 months

Nora is now 7 months and on the move- she isn't officially crawling yet but she's getting where she wants to go and if she wasn't trying to stand up all the time (which she can do) she'd be all over the place!
She's almost doing it, she just needs to learn to use her knees instead of her feet.
She has had a nasty cold- double ear infections and sore throat that has really been no fun but she's feeling much better now.
Other big changes for her this month are: She's now taking many more soy formula bottles which she seems to like a lot. I'm nursing much less. Shes also eating all stage one baby food but doesn't care for the vegetables as much as she likes her cereal and fruit. She is also starting to say "maaaamaaamaaa" some when she cries or I walk away. Which I love :)
It's been a fast and sweet 7 months with our baby girl who we absolutely adore.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

6 month pics

We got our family pictures and Nora's 6 month pics taken with Mrs. Shannon recently. It was trying to say the least. Nora had a double ear infection that I didn't know about so smiles were hard to come by from her the first go round, and DFB is so over taking pictures that he does this horrible "CHEEESE" face and then says did you get one while running away. It was almost impossible but Shannon is a pro and got some keepers....not sure how she did it! 

It's been a little rough at night time at our house the past week or so. Nora has been pretty under the weather with a bad cold and can't breath so she's been waking up and DFB had a night terror that has resulted in some pretty bad anxiety/fear at bedtime. Not every night but most. :(
I know it's a phase, but I sure hope we can all get it sorted out ASAP! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fa la la lala

The little boy at our house is all about Christmas and gets it for the first time this year- which is a blast!!

We have our elf, named ice cream, flying through the house, he made a gingerbread house with Mammers that he's so proud of, we've got our tree up and decorations out, we've driven around to look at lights, and I don't have a cute Christmas advent or countdown so we made an old school ring chain that he gets to rip off everyday. I bought Santa diapers so even Nora has a little something festive on at all times. We've been listening to Christmas music non stop, and DF's favorite songs are Jingle Bells and any that have to do with Santa Claus.

The best so far has been seeing Santa at "Daddy's bank" Tuesday night. He saw him and ran straight to him. He gave him a hug and said, Mommy, you go and hug Santa gently. He introduced himself and his sister. Nora did well with Santa but was quite taken with his beard, I was just happy she didn't eat it....I'm pretty sure she thought about it.

David F. told Santa what he wanted for Christmas but when he told people afterwards he said," I told him I wanted a toy fire station, but he didn't bring me one." We've tried to explain Santa has got to tell his elves to build it and will bring it back on Christmas morning. We wrote Santa a letter today to remind him :)
I wrote what he dictated with a little guidance....or the whole letter would be about superheroes. He said Santa is his best Christmas friend.

We also had Breakfast with Santa at St. Luke's on Saturday. He got to make crafts, but his favorite station was decorating sugar cookies- shocker! Meme and Mammers came along and made it so much more fun! And...I was the lucky winner of the Santa painting in the silent auction I've had my eye on since Thanksgiving. It's by an artist in town that I love and this Santa picture makes me so happy, I just love him. DF does too- he tried to hug it!

We've also been talking about Jesus and his birth and he knows "The Christmas Story" and wanted to know "What number will Jesus be on his birthday?"  Great question I thought and he also wanted to know what kind of cake he would like.  Looks like we'll be having birthday cake christmas morning for Jesus, which sounds like a wonderful plan.

We are starting our own traditions and will continue them the rest of the month. And who knows, he may actually remember some of it!

Monday, December 5, 2011

6 month stats

We went to the doctor Thursday for Nora's "well child visit" we found out she had a double ear infection :(

We also found out that her growth had slowed down a little bit:
Weight- 71 percentile
Height- 55 percentile
Head- still growing strong! 75%

When this came up in regards to her sleeping- waking up again and seems to be starving.... He said she probably is hungry. She's become very distracted when she nurses and I think my milk supply has decreased. He said it might be time to supplement with formula. I guess I'll start weaning soon. She's not really a fan of any of the baby food, or cereals we've introduced her too either :( My baby girl is going to be a picky eater it looks like!

She's a happy girl though so we will get creative and see what we can get her to eat.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A GRAND Thanksgiving

We have several reasons to be thankful this year and we got to celebrate by taking in some of nature's greatest sights. It was some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen and was awestruck at how majestic it all was. I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and my mom has too. She had the idea that this year we shold go away for Thanksgiving and head out west. We went to Sedona, AZ which is where the "red rocks" are, and the painted desert. GORGEOUS, breath-taking views and mountains. We met Uncle Jase, Yaya and their dog, Milo and all stayed in a condo together. It was some good family togetherness time, mixed with a dose of adventure. Franklin, Jason and I got to ride a helicopter which none of us have done before. We also rode on a train through the Verde Valley, hike the Red Rock, "Bell" mountain, walk and shop around uptown Sedona, and made the trip to the south rim of the Grand Canyon on Thanksgiving day. We had a nice lunch at the El Tovar Lodge. We were making some memories that's for sure!

David Franklin LOVED being with his Uncle Jase, Yaya, and Milo. He made travelling so much more fun- really. We would be cranky, tired, anxious, and he'd say "Yay, everyone,'s the rental car!!!" His enthusiasm was contagious and treasured and we would laugh and find ourselves excited about the rental car (which was an expedition that we often crammed 7 people and a dog into!)
He has officially hit the age when he opens his mouth, I have NO idea what is about to come out. None, and it could be something that he's already said 15 times already that day like..."I'm Batman" or it could be a first like asking about an elderly man next to us on the plane, "What's that boy's name?"

And little miss turned 6 months while we were away, and started sitting up all by herself! Cannot believe my baby is 1/2 a year old. Cannot. Believe. It. She had a cruddy nose while we were there but was still the sweetest little thing and is feeling better now. It was her first big trip, and she was a great traveller.
So proud and thankful for these kiddos and how they bless us and make everyday special, and I'm thankful for all of my family and the life we get to experience together. I love the feeling of new and old mixed together, young and old, adventure and tradition, comfortable and unfamiliar. I am thankful for so much this year. Gratitude is the attitude.

P.S. If a picture looks cut off, click on it and the whole pic shows up. I'm not sure why it's doing that.