Monday, October 25, 2010


This morning was the first of several Halloween parties that we have this week, but at Music Together, all of the kids wore their costumes and had a little party. It is so much easier and more fun than last as far as getting him in a costume and him liking it. It also didn't hurt that this morning on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, they had a costume party and Donald was a cowboy too!

He had lots of fun and already got cupcake icing all over his chaps. Not sure how long those are going to make it. This could be a long week- bring on the sugar!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumking Carving Time!

Well, I haven't carved a pumpkin since I was a kid and I remember why...It's hard! But it was really fun and David Franklin loved getting all of the ooshy gooshies out, but wasn't so happy when we wouldn't let him have a knife. Mean parents!

Franklin's pumpkin was supposed to be (is) a dog face. DF said he wanted a doggie on his but it looks more like a clown. It's cute either way, especially since I was a little too rough and accidentally ripped one side of the face off while I was "trying to help"- whoops! The toothpicks holding it together add character.

Monday, October 4, 2010

David Franklin is 2!!!

David Franklin turned two yesterday and my baby is now a big boy! He still sleeps in his crib and wears diapers, so not entirely but pretty close :)

We had a little cowboy themed birthday lunch yesterday, and it was lots of fun. He loves all of his tractors, trucks, tools, and is in heaven with all of his new toys. He got an art easel that he likes a lot too, but the big kahuna is a real John Deere tractor that he can ride- He is OBSESSED. Truly, cried when he had to take a bath last night and get off it, cried this morning when it was time for music and doesn't want to leave our house because all of his new toys to play with, which is a totally new concept for us!!

After this post I am turning the blog into a "baby book" of sorts. I will keep posting and using this blog, but I just have a few things that I want to say to David Franklin for his book..... WARNING: skip reading if you want to avoid some serious sap!

Dear David Franklin,

Happy Birthday, my baby boy! I can't believe you are two years old! You are the sweetest, friendliest, happiest little boy and you make everyone around you feel so much joy. You make everyone you see smile and feel warm inside. I can see it in their faces. Your big hugs and kisses are so heartfelt and tender, they often bring tears to any number of eyes when you share your affection. You make everyone feel special, asking where their family members are, and often times their dogs too. You include everyone and genuinely want to know. Even your preschool teacher said that most kids ask for their mama or their dada, but you ask for "Mamadada" and include us both. You love for people to be around you and share easily with them. You love your family and your friends and they love and adore you! You want everyone to "come over" and see them "tomorrow" and you never want them to leave, or often want to "go too."

You are very smart and remember things from months back, little details and it's truly remarkable. Your doctor and teachers have all commented on how bright you are. Your vocabulary is advanced for your age. You can put 6 or 7 words together in a sentence and you know hundreds of words. You can pretty much sing the Alphabet song and count to 20, although some of the teens get left out or mixed up. You know most all of your colors and many shapes. You love trucks and construction equipment.You love to read books over and over and over again. You like to watch Sesame Street in the afternoons and sit in your red beanbag to watch. You also love animals and know all of their sounds. (The Rooster and the Donkey are the funniest). Your laugh is like a drug to me, and a sound I can't get enough of. It comes easily to you and is contagious to those around you. You are pure love and a true delight to be around. You make everything more fun, and every day an adventure even when we don't have anything planned but to stay at home.

The reason I am writing this letter to you for your book is because I want you to be able to read this one day, in 5 years, in 10 years, in 20 years, and when I'm long gone, and I hope you get a small glimpse of how deeply loved you are. Not just by your family but all you encounter. You bless people around you all the time, even this morning at music class when you went and crawled in your teachers lap. The look on her face was priceless. I want you to know how special you are and how you have made your father and me feel so proud and blessed to call you our son. I have many hopes and dreams for you and your future, but most of all I hope you never lose your quick ability to smile, your loving nature, and the true care and concern for others you have shown. If you always hang on to those, you will be happy, you will love and be loved, and live a fulfilling life.

We thank God for you everyday and feel the love of the Father simply through your existence. David Franklin Bass, happy birthday to you. And MANY MORE!!!!


P.S. Remember you promised to "Always Always" be Mama's boy.